Monday, October 5, 2015

From Pueyrredón to Pompeya... (October 5, 2015)

Hola mis queridos queridos!!!

This week was full of miracles! 3 boys, Bryan, Facundo, and Adrian, came to 3 of 4 sessions of conference... WHAT?!?! What 16, 12, or 11 year old would do that on their own without the support of anyone? They drew us pictures and shared their gratitude to the members for helping them. Out of the blue!!! Woah- I’m so excited to hear about how they’re doing.

I am amazed by the power of prayer. This Thursday, every planned service activity that we had fell through. And it was raining, so we couldn’t sweep the front patios of people like we did before (it´s an Argentina thing, you wouldn’t understand...haha). And it was cold... sadly, after a day of searching, still we hadn´t found any service... at least, we talked to a few old ladies that needed company, and we ate a lot of fried cake, but we felt awful for not completing our goal and responsibility. So, we went home, planned, and went out to work. Our 2 teaching appointments also fell through. We felt super sick from all the fried cake. OKAY. It was time to pray long ago and it was time to pray again! We stopped and my companion offered a fervent prayer, asking specifically to be able to find and set appointments at least 4 of the people in our plans... I asked "four?" it was something that came to her mind, so she said it. We set out with all our energy to find the people waiting for us. It was amazing. We hadn’t had that kind of success in days! 2 hours of work in that day was the equivalent of maybe 2 normal days full. We found old investigators that accepted our visits with joy, we contacted amazingly receptive people in the streets. My nametag fell off and even in the traffic and noise and rain, I noticed it just a block after it had fallen and we were able to find it. At the end of the 2 hours, looking back, we had exactly 4 lessons. Exactly 4 future appointments. For something my companion felt prompted to ask for 4, and what a wonderful day that followed! We can ask for specific things. And if we ask with faith, as moved upon by the spirit, we WILL receive it, according to that faith and the will of God. Listen to the still small voice!!!!

Well, transfers came! I have left my dear Pueyrredón and I´m now in the beautiful land of Pompeya, Mar del Plata. It was hard to go. Once again, it´s as though my heart was ripped out and jumped on a couple times... Our Heavenly Father helped me though, and I feel a LOT more peace in accepting His will and trusting that Bahía is in His hands :) And in addition, we got to watch the AMAZING General Conference!!! AND I´m now with the Hna Child! Yep, you heard right, my Aunt Cami´s next door neighbor! Ever since I heard that she was coming to this mission I wanted to be her companion- dream come true! I´m excited to see what these next 6 weeks will bring!

Read your scriptures, ponderize, pray, listen and study conference, go to church, keep the Sabbath day holy!


Hermana Hill

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