Monday, February 9, 2015

In Febrero drinking Horchata...

Hola familia!!!

Okay, this week was awesome! It was filled with making lots of cakes for the birthdays of the members here. We also had an incedent in making the famous Nicaragüense Horchata. It was quite the adventure. My lovely companion put ME in charge.. what?!  "Don´t worry Hermana Hill, just make some rice with extra water". Well, okay, easy enough... now what? "ummm, put it in the blender". Well, she´d know better, sooo, okay. "woah! that looks so weird! Put more water!" What am I gonna do with this companion of mine? She´d never actually made horchata before... she just bought it in the supermarket there! So, we added more and more water, but it was still a nasty paste. In the end, suficeth to say, we made a LOT of horchata. Like, we´re talking 2 liters of horchata concentrate here. And you only need 1/2 cup of concentrate per glass of horchata! We´ll be drinking that stuff for a while!

Out of time, shoot, here´s what I wrote to my president :) SORRY

(Translation below)

Hola Presidente!Este semana tuvimos una experiencia que nunca quiero olvidar. Encontramos una mujer tocando puertas el otro día que tiene mucho interés y quería saber "como empezó el religión Mormona". La conocimos y pusimos una cita por el próximo día. Ella estaba esperando nos, y con nuestra plan de lección enfocado en familias, procuramos encontrar su necesidad para ayudarla. Ella no le gusta muchos iglesias porque siente que hay mucho injusticia, y que los pastores no son dignos, o practican hipocresía. Ella quiere poder tener harmonia en su familia y quiere que su marido se siente mejor (puede ser muy negativo). Enseñamos leccion 1- nosotras explicamos la necesidad de autoridad, y que para tenerlo tenemos que ser dignos. Al compartir el primer visión, presidente, ella empezó a llorar. Pregunté, "¿que siente?". Ella respondió que ella sentió una paz gigante y que sabe que este historia es verdad, y que José Smith realmente es un profeta. Empezamos a llorar tambien, el espiritu fue tan fuerte! Ella imaginó la primer vision, y al ver el imagine el el foyeto, con una sonrisa grande explicó que fue exactamente lo que vio. Ella recibio un testimonio fuerte de el restauracion! Cuando mi compañera estaba diciendo los palabras de José, yo estaba orando fuertemente con todo mi corazon que ella pudo recibir una testimonio de esto, aun algo chicatito. ¡Yo oraré asi por el entiro de mi mision desde este punto y adelante! Sé que es importante estar unido con nuestros compañeros, y que debemos siempre orar cuando el otro esta hablando. no solo para enfocarnos, sino que tambien, invitará el espiritu fuertamente. siempre debemos tener una oracion en el corazon, y estoy agradecida que estoy aprendiendo hacerlo. Este mujer quiere bautizarse, y va a hablar con su esposo para que se pueden casarse, aunque no tuvieron planes hacerlo antes. Estoy tan agradacida por este experiencia! No sé todavia porque ella no vino a la iglesia, es algo por lo cual estoy muy triste. Yo sé que vamos a encontrar mas personas como ella y ayudar a ella, su familia, y muchos mas a venir a la iglesia. Dios ciertamente escucha nuestros oraciones! Gracias Presidente!Hermana Hill

Hello President! This week we had an experience I never want to forget. We found a woman knocking on doors the other day who is keen and wanted to know "how it started the Mormon religion." We met and got an appointment for the next day. She was waiting for us, and our lesson plan focused on families, we try to find your need for help. She does not like many churches because he feels that there is much injustice, and that pastors are not worthy, or practice hypocrisy. She wants to have harmony in her family and wants her husband to be better (can be very negative). 1- lesson teach us explain the need for authority and to have it have to be worthy. By sharing the first vision, president, she began to feel the spirit. I asked, "Do you feel?". She replied that she felt a giant peace and know that this story is true, and that Joseph Smith is a prophet really. We started also to feel the spirit, the spirit was so strong! She imagined the first vision, and seeing the picture, with a big smile he said that was exactly what he saw. She received a strong testimony of the restoration! When my companion was saying the words of Joseph, I was praying hard with all my heart that she could get a witness to this, even something small. I pray also for my mission companion from this point forward! I know it's important to be united with our partners, and we should always pray when the other is speaking. not only to focus, but also, invited the spirit. we always have a prayer in the heart, and I am grateful that I am learning so. This woman wants to be baptized, and goes to talk to her husband so they can get married, but had no plans to do that before. I'm so grateful for this experience! I do not know yet because she did not come to church, something for which I am very sad. I know that we will find more people like her and help her, her family, and many more to come to church. God hears our prayers indeed! Thanks President! Sister Hill

Love ya´ll!

Hermana Hill

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

¡Dios Da Valor!

¿¡Que Tal familia y amigos!?

This week has been great, and I can easily say that I´m learning a LOT. Sometimes we learn the best through tribulation, and no, the mission is NOT easy. But I´m so so grateful that I´m here, learning so much and growing so much and for the opportunity to serve! That being said, I´ve got to tell you about last night- it was wonderful!

The best way to feel comforted, to feel better, to feel well, good,= SERVICE!!!! Once again, last night, a miracle was provoked through the need of water to drink. "okay companion, where is the closest member?" "HERMANA CLELIA!" We ran to our dear Clelia and clapped behind the gate. Her husband came to attend us, and told us that his wife was very grave, and hoped that perhaps we might help her cheer up. Shoot, I´m out of time, but we did it! We sang and shared scriptures and it was wonderful and she laughed! even on her sickbed! We sang "dios da valor" and it became her battle cry- it was awesome. She was like, I´ve got to go into surgery tomorrow, but it´s okay, cause God give us Courage!!! I´m so grateful for this opportunity that we had to compfort those in need of comfort and cry and laugh with those that cry. Right after our visit to Clelia, we found a girl crying in the street and it was wonderful! I gave her a chocolate bon o bon, and she laughed too. I have found a talent of mine! Being ridiculously awkwardly funny when people need it. sometimes it works out, and I´m super grateful for that. Obviously people sometimes need a hug or something more sincere. We got a chance to work on that talent right after, when we met a woman outside her house. After talking for a minute, my companion asked "do you need a hug?" she did, and she willingly embraced us with more strength than you ould think a tiny latina had. If any of you need anything, SERVE! 

Love you all!
Hermana Hill