Wednesday, February 4, 2015

¡Dios Da Valor!

¿¡Que Tal familia y amigos!?

This week has been great, and I can easily say that I´m learning a LOT. Sometimes we learn the best through tribulation, and no, the mission is NOT easy. But I´m so so grateful that I´m here, learning so much and growing so much and for the opportunity to serve! That being said, I´ve got to tell you about last night- it was wonderful!

The best way to feel comforted, to feel better, to feel well, good,= SERVICE!!!! Once again, last night, a miracle was provoked through the need of water to drink. "okay companion, where is the closest member?" "HERMANA CLELIA!" We ran to our dear Clelia and clapped behind the gate. Her husband came to attend us, and told us that his wife was very grave, and hoped that perhaps we might help her cheer up. Shoot, I´m out of time, but we did it! We sang and shared scriptures and it was wonderful and she laughed! even on her sickbed! We sang "dios da valor" and it became her battle cry- it was awesome. She was like, I´ve got to go into surgery tomorrow, but it´s okay, cause God give us Courage!!! I´m so grateful for this opportunity that we had to compfort those in need of comfort and cry and laugh with those that cry. Right after our visit to Clelia, we found a girl crying in the street and it was wonderful! I gave her a chocolate bon o bon, and she laughed too. I have found a talent of mine! Being ridiculously awkwardly funny when people need it. sometimes it works out, and I´m super grateful for that. Obviously people sometimes need a hug or something more sincere. We got a chance to work on that talent right after, when we met a woman outside her house. After talking for a minute, my companion asked "do you need a hug?" she did, and she willingly embraced us with more strength than you ould think a tiny latina had. If any of you need anything, SERVE! 

Love you all!
Hermana Hill

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