Monday, October 5, 2015

I scream, you scream, we all scream for... Pumba? (September 21, 2015)


You heard right, Pumba. I totally ate Jaboli this week- wart hog. Going on divisions with the Hermanas of Pigue brought me back to the countryside, and brought the countryside to my stomach. IT WAS GOOD! I loved being in a pueblo again- dogs everywhere, cars that wait for you to cross the street, people who stop to talk with us, horses wandering in the street, cobblestone walkways. It was fun and wonderful to be able to spend time and learn from the Hermanas of Pigue- I got to go on splits with Hna Saunders- just like the good old days. The brother who gave us Warthog to eat hunted it himself. And get this: when hunting jaboli, he walks for what is sometimes days, alone with his dogs, to find the jaboli. Then, while his dogs distract the poor warthog, he kills it with a knife quickly, and promptly gives thanks afterward. He says sometimes it makes him sad to kill the animal, but he and his family live off the meat for months! Warthog barbeque, ward hog with spaghetti, warthog soup... I love Argentina and her little towns.

Well, there’s your cultural moment (I hope you learned something.) And now, for the weather! (haha how boring... get over it. my mom wants to know). Even though like 2 weeks ago I went out without a jacket or tights, now, it{s FREEZING COLD. like, so much for spring... Argentina.....

Now for the moment that you’ve been waiting for, how’s the work in Pueyrredon? Yesterday, a surprise visitor came to church- a man that had simply heard of the church and who wanted to go and see what it was like! WOO! Finally, someone who understands the sign that says "visitors welcome". He was excited to meet us and wants to know more about what we believe, because he is looking for more happiness in his life. AWESOME right? I’m super happy that well be able to teach him, and I know that this message will help him! The only catch.... he lives in another wards area- the other missionaries are going to teach him haha. But equally, I’m so happy that he came :) cause lets be real, it doesn’t matter which ward he belongs to, what matters is that a child of God wants to become more close to Him :D

Yesterday our Bishop asked me to prepare to talk in church next week- I’m so stoked about the topic! "Becoming spiritually self-sufficient to be able to help others do the same" or, in other words "prepare yourself to help others come unto Christ". We must strengthen our personal testimonies first, and work in families to strengthen us all together. Then, when we are a little stronger, we will have the desire and ability to share the gospel with others. I’ve learned a lot in this mission, but one thing that I want you all to know and the people I’m serving to know- is 1- GOD LOVES YOU! 2- the tools he has given us are there to help and YOU CAN USE THEM. to strengthen your testimony and prepare to help others (and these are not optional people...) please: pray daily in family and personally, read the scriptures daily in family and personally, have family night once a week :) fast and pay fast offerings at least once a month, pay your tithing. You can do it! You are strong, capable, and important. I really hope that you do these things. Sorry for not being able to share about the why and how and share examples this week. But I know that you all can do it- with the help of the Lord all is possible! Be patient with yourselves, it might take time to establish the habit, but your diligent efforts will receive success!!!

Love you all tons! Have a wonderful week! and thank you so so much for all that you do :) Seriously, I cant thank you all enough.


Hermana Hill

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