Monday, October 5, 2015

The Adventures of Hill and Unicorn in Monte Hermoso (September 28, 2015)

Hola Queridos!!!

Today, my dear sweet companion was unwilling transformed into a unicorn. Sorta. (Luckily she doesn’t take offense with that nickname...) It all started when the elders declared this Monday Super P-day. We took a bus/car one hour away to Monte Hermoso to play on the BEACH!!! Yeah! Stinkin awesome right?! We have loved it :) It was a lot more fun before we started playing baseball... I smacked a good run and sadly got out at home when hna Saunders bunted (just fyi). It was an accident, don’t blame hna Saunders. But that’s beside the point... To cut to the chase- the solid wood bat slipped out of the hands of poor elder Baldwin and flew cartwheeling directly into the forehead of the innocent bystander, my companion. In seconds she grew a mound between her eyes... It´s still huge 5 hours later. Needless to say, we picked a different game. She´s so strong! Didn´t even cry! Only a few tears slipped out! ...crazy right? Love you hna Taborda! I hope you feel better! And I hope you don’t have brain damage.

Other than unexpected brain injuries, this week we have enjoyed the grand progression of our investigator Luisa. She´s going to be baptized on the 10th of October! Her testimony is beautiful. She first heard the gospel 5 years ago in Pedro Luro from the elders. Her husband too learned of the church and they went a few times. In this time of their life, the depression of her husband took him over more and more. After going a few times, he was offended for something in the church, and forbid her from meeting with the missionaries or members. It has been 2 months now since her husband died, and is now living here with her daughter, a recent convert to the church. Although they suffer the loss of their husband and father, Luisa is really growing in her love of the Savior and for His Gospel. Nothing can explain the joy I feel for her! She shared her testimony with everyone in our gospel principles class- it was wonderful! In fewer words she said "I know this is the only true church, and I´m so grateful to have found it. I´m excited to be baptized soon!" It hit my heart. It´s amazing to be able to watch and work in the conversion a child of God.

There are too many great stories to be able to share them all. I´ll try to write a letter to my parents so they can share a few with you all :)

The work continues strong and true here in Argentina! The church is true! Prepare yourselves to listen to conference! I hope you have a wonderful week :) Write you soon! Be strong, have faith and courage to do what you know you should!


Hermana Hill

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