Monday, October 5, 2015

Karaoke Chaos (Sept 14, 2015)

Hola Familia y Amigos!!

Just a short little note from me this week, but many great things happened here in Zion, don’t you worry. We had a WONDERFUL conference with the Area Seventy, Elder Teixeira, who came to visit us- I learned SO much! And it was stinking awesome to be able to see all my buddies from the far corners of the mission. Mar del Plata, Olavaria, Tandil, and Nicochea had their own conference- but well, at least I got to see many of the people with who I’ve served and missionaries from all the areas that I’ve served in. My good friend/companion Hna Castleman is serving her last days in my beloved Trenque Lauquen, Im glad to know they’re in good hands.

This week we also had a fantastic Tuesday activity. What was planned: Karaoke and Pizza. What happened: Teams inventing songs because internet doesn’t work for the karaoke, but it was fun anyway! Our team rocked it. And then, just as the other team was about to perform- boom, the power went out in the building! So, we turned on our cell phone lights so the other group gave a 5 star performance with "fancy" lighting and everything. Then we ate more than 20 pizzas for dinner... what? Yessica cooks REALLY well okay?! We were OVERJOYED that a TON of people came to the activity! Hopefully many come this week too!

I learned SO much this week, from the conference and from my own experiences. I’ll try to share a bit:

PRAYER WORKS. Whenever I have felt weak or frustrated, even a little bit, this week, I’ve gotten down on my knees. I’ve always believed a lot in prayer, but this week I decided to stop fighting myself, to pray immediately. Many times I try to solution out the problem and as a type of last result plead heavenly help again. I’d say my prayers frequently, but not enough. That changed this week! As soon as I felt negative feelings- PRAYER! And I testify that I gained a power that was not my own. Or at least, a power that I didn’t know I had- that I didn’t feel previously. Prayer has helped me SO much this week! And I know that it can help you in your lives as well! With whatever you face. Prayer is a commandment! God is asking, commanding us to partake of his power- how could we think that he doesn’t want to help us!? I know he loves each of us, the smallest and the biggest.

I love you all so much! I hope you have a wonderful week!!! Sorry for the short letter, there is more to come in one weeks’ time. :)

Pray, read the scriptures, go to church!

Hermana Hill

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