Monday, November 23, 2015

La Cucaracha...(October 26, 2015)

Family of mine! (Familia Mia),

Hey ya´ll! Sorry, this is gonna be short, computers have decided to be lame, so I don’t have much time. It´s not that I don´t love you! It´s just that I had to save my pictures from the abyss of deletion. :) But my dear companion has given me permission to send you hers... she´s great- best of the best. Her letter will be at the end of mine :) so, here´s a couple highlights that my comp didn’t mention:

We found a cockroach in our house yesterday, it was the size of my index finger. Appetizing.

I cut my own hair this week! That was crazy!!! I now have bangs... for the first time since I was five... BANGS!

Like my comp said, we´re teaching Malvina!!! She rocks. She wants to change, but her past makes it really hard for her to trust. We´re going to pass by with members that have also been through a lot so that she can relate better. Not that we haven’t been through a lot, but it´s so important to have the help of the members! They´ll be here even when we leave, so it´s VITAL that we help them make friendships. The experiences of people are sometimes the strongest testimonies- don’t ever be afraid to share your experiences and testimonies!!! That´s one of the many reasons we go to church- to learn from what others have already learned. YOU are important. We go to church not only to learn and feel the spirit and renew our covenants, we go to edify and lift others too. So, why do we go to church? BECAUSE WE LOVE GOD.

Ok, here´s my comp:


​Hey I have time to actually think of what to write Y´all this week, and I am hoping that it makes sense. You might be thinking or asking why I have a lot of time on my hands. Well, on Sunday (yesterday) everyone was voting and so our mission president made us all stay home cause it’s a little dangerous to be out in the streets, during voting. Lots of Riots, or protesting, I suppose. So after church on Sunday we just went straight home and as missionaries you can’t do much especially when you don’t have any electronics. So I plugged in our little heater and it took me about 20 min to find a pen that worked and then started to write this letter.

This week we have been teaching Malvina and her husband Ariel after about teaching her 3 times in the street she finally let us into her house, as we entered there was a nice whole in the floor you had to be careful. And this big black thing on her wall that’s used for witchcraft. But she just uses it to hold her bread cause it was a gift and she can’t throw it away. She has 3 kids under the age of 8. She believes in basically everything and Ariel is Evangelista. They don’t have a sink just a bucket full of water and while we were teaching them Ariel was making coffee with a nylon sock as the filter, used or not used. (I don’t know) The littlest girl kept asking me for stickers and annoying her mom so her mom told her to leave and gave her a cup of coffee to drink (not the smartest thing to give a 4 year old coffee). We started to teach them the 10 commandments and we only got to commandment 2 before they started getting after one another for not keeping these commandments. Then started to ask us if we had boyfriends or kids. And if everyone in the states has blue and green eyes. But this whole time 1 of their 3 dogs was chewing on one of the legs of my chair and I though it was going to eat my leg, then started to gag and I thought it was going to throw up all over my legs. Then Ariel was telling us that you just can’t throw away socks. While he was sowing a sock. BUT hey on the bright side Malvina said the closing prayer. :) It will take a lot of patience to teach this family but I am up for the challenge. :) They are awesome they just need a lot of help!

Hermana hill and I have done tons of contacting this week and knocking and clapping doors as usual. And we have decided: That you just can’t knock doors at any time or they will get mad. But you just continue and try and find those who are ready. But we have learned: You can’t knock around 11 or 12 cause they are eating or cooking lunch and you can’t knock 1 to 5 cause they are sleeping during the siesta and don’t want to talk. And 6 to 7 they will kinda listen to you. And from 8 to 9 they get mad and ask you why you are knocking doors when its dark and they tell us how dangerous it is.

It’s crazy how many rejections we get and we still work hard and when a miracle happens you just forget about all the rejects and just continue moving forward. And that you just are blown away with the miracles. :) With the miracles that happen I definitely couldn’t have done it alone. LIKE wow. THIS CHURCH is just so TRUE!!

con amor HERMANA child

(from hna hill:)

I love you all tons! Have a wonderful week! Sorry for the crazy letter! Pray, read the scriptures, go to church! LOVE YOU!!!

Hermana Hill

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