Monday, November 23, 2015

"Are you guys Gypsies?" (November 23, 2015)

Buen Día Queridos!

So, I’ve only got 10 minutes to spit out the best letter I’ve got, ready, GO!

Taxis are one of my favorite places to share the gospel. ´We´re going to a church! Yay, so let’s talk about it´- the conversation flows just great. Yesterday, the taxi driver told us that he has read almost all of the book of Mormon that was given to him a month ago by a few other traveling missionaries. AND he knows members. AND he basically told us everything about the book of Mormon by memory "Ah! You´re Mormons! Like Moroni, he gave the gold plates to Joseph Smith to translate a record about the Jews who came to America 600 years before Christ. That´s your religion, right? I´m not getting you confused?" Missionaries be like: WAT... haha it was SO awesome!!! The thing that bites, he works by night and sleeps by day, so he didn´t want to give us his address and "let us down cause we´d never find him in a good moment". BUT he DID say that he wants to go to church and that he has contact because he talks to the cool members nearby. He lives in our area- WOO! But seriously, some of my best contacts happen when I have to take a taxi.

OTHER STORY: Sunday were elections AGAIN because last time the candidates didn't win by enough of a percentage or something. So, once again we couldn´t proselyte. But we DID go to a baptism in the neighboring ward! It was so amazing! One of the sons of a part member family was baptized. He´s like 10, and his 13 year old brother gave the sweetest closing prayer I’ve heard in a while. He thanked God that now him and his brother would be closer and more united than ever. :,) and he definitely joked earlier on that his brother would need to be dunked 5 times instead of one to get rid of all his sins hahaha.

Add that to the beautiful stake conference of that morning. 2 young people gave their testimonies- one had just got his mission call to south Argentina, the other had just returned from her mission to Colombia. I loved that they both mentioned that they had been preparing for their missions from their birth or youth. THANK YOU TO THE MANY PEOPLE WHO HELP US GET OUT HERE. The mission is the best experience of my whole life. I´m grateful for all the testimonies that strengthened my own, to get me her now. How could i ever say enough to help you know how grateful i am!? THANK you!!!

Also, for the record, we´re missionaries! Not gypsies. We have skirts too, and yes, we talk to random people in the street- I see how one could get confused. :) Don´t worry people, we´re here to share the gospel, not to rob. So many people don´t talk with us haha for these stinking misconceptions. No, we´re not: Spies, gypsies, debt collectors etc. Yes, we are: two girls who want to help you come closer to Christ. haha I love people and their first impressions of us, it´s different with every person we talk to, always haha.

Happy Thanksgiving!! Happy Birthday Gene!!!

Have a wonderful week everyone! May God bless you and keep you!


Hermana Hill

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