Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Almost Thanksgiving! (November 16, 2015)

Hullo Mutha, Hullo Fatha, here I am at... POMPEYA!! Woo! 6 more weeks with my dear companion Hermana Child in this beautiful area.

This week we started to attend choir practice. The director is a professional piano teacher, and with her insistence, got permission from our mission pres. to have us sing with the talented stake choir. I HAVE MISSED MUSIC SO MUCH!!!! My iPod broke when I left my last area 2 months ago (what can you expect from a 10 year old, well used brick...) Hermana Child and I have tried (and failed) since to have music, but we will conquer! Our goal for p-day- find some kind of cheap music reproducer. There has been a notable difference in our hearts and spirits after having those rehearsals for the conference next week.

And speaking of music, a highlight of this week was the ward primary program. The church was decorated with red, blue, and yellow footprints, and a stand displayed the art and photos from al the year´s activities. We thought THAT was cute, but then we saw the kids. They were decked out with matching hair bows and suit ties. :) Our ward has 8 Valiant (is that what they’re called? the kids 8+) and only 2 tinny CTRs and how could you forget the 4 little sunbeam cuties? They invited us to sing "called to serve" with them- DREAM COME TRUE!

On Tuesday, walking to a member´s house to pick up our food for the next day, a thought flashed across my mind to knock a certain, well illuminated door. Out came a sporty, middle aged woman with a huge smile and invited us to pass through her gate. Our thoughts were: is she a member or something? We never are received like this! But as she began asking us where we are from and who we are we knew that she wasn’t familiar with us ¨Mormons¨. Her two boys came out- Agustin ("Justin" age 9) and Juan Ignacio "Juani" (age 11). We began to ask them a few questions to get to know them, and she invited us inside! (That rarely happens). Her kids are SO cute and very interested in our message. Agustin somehow managed to answer all of our gospel questions with movie references and his own genius inventions. Have you heard of resurrection? "Yeah, like Harry Potter, when Voldemort killed him and he came back to life" Where do we go when we die? "I saw in the Simpson’s once that you take flowers to the graves... but I don’t know where the dead person goes..." Yeah, this kid and I are already great friends.

I’ve been learning a lot of good lessons on patience. We set up appointments, and they aren’t there. Or then there are times when we can’t be there, and they were waiting. Man, it´s hard. But it’s crazy to see the way that it all works out. If we do our very best, all we can, God helps us work out the wrinkles and tears of our work. He helps the people forgive us, and helps us forgive ourselves. But one of the things that amazes me the most is that when I think that something went "wrong", many a times it went exactly how it was supposed to. When we found Romina and Agustin and Juani, we had planned on being in a family night with a member and her neighbor. It was canceled, but we found this great woman and her children that are eager to answer life´s questions. We will have more chances to talk with all of them :)

The whole world has been hit by the violence in France. We´re all praying that God comfort and bless those who have lost loved ones. I pray too that He comfort all who in this moment wonder where He is and why these terrible things happen. Stay close to our Father in Heaven! He is real and He loves us. I´m so grateful for the message that I have the blessing of sharing with the people here! For those of you who know it, share it! And for those of you who don’t- please ask. And everyone- don´t forget that there is SO much to be grateful for!!!

Love you all SO much! Have a WONDERFUL week!!! Thanks for all the love and letters of support- I appreciate you more than I could ever say!


Hermana Hill

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