Monday, November 23, 2015


Aloha Familia!!!!!

No, sadly that wasn´t a reference to a warming climate in Argentina... I think we had one day this week that was nice, and it was BEAUTIFUL! I only wore a jacket and a scarf. The rest of these days.... boots, two pairs of tights, coat, umbrella, scarf, sweater, gloves... But who doesn´t love Antarctic winds? It just makes me feel closer to the penguins, so I´m good. I just hope to see a little of this Argentine Spring!

Mar del Plata is HUGE. I have never seen so many two story houses and cars and well-kept gardens... It´s absolutely beautiful! Every time that I want to stop and take a picture of these huge houses that I find, I find one that´s even bigger... Yet again, what has amazed me with all of this, is getting to know the poor that live among such richness. I´m grateful for the opportunity that the mission brings to walk the back streets and get to know the people. One of them is Malvina, a sweet woman bashed by the circumstances of her life, strong and still fighting. We´re working so hard with her right now to help her see her worth in the eyes of God. She has lost faith in praying for herself- she thinks God doesn’t love her. But she hasn’t given up praying for her kids and hoping that He will help her. She has more faith than she thinks she does! It´s so humbling to help her look at her life and examine the ways that the Lord has blessed her. She knows keeping the commandments keeps her safe. She recognizes that she would be WAY worse off without them- that´s a manifestation of the love of God- His teachings. The worth of souls is GREAT in the sight of God! And I could share hours about that. HE LOVES YOU! He doesn’t control you. He doesn’t want you to suffer. He gives us agency and we have to live with the agency of others. It´s hard, but it´s worth it.

Another quick thought: A lot of these houses we go into are HUGE and beautiful on the outside, and bare walls and empty shelves on the inside. Don’t judge a book by its cover. People need your smiles and your love more than you know.

Sorry, I´m definitely out of time this week, but I love you all tons! The work continues her in Argentina!! I love it here! My companion is the best!!!!

Speaking of my companion, she´s hilarious. I told her the other day that she rocks my socks. She responded "I don’t like rocks, cause they’re in my sock..." She insists on using her old broken shoes every day... We fill them up with tape and cardboard so that water doesn’t get in... haha

Have a wonderful week!!!!!! Work hard, remember who you are! (Sorry for the kinda lame email this week, it´s not cause i don’t love you!) ;)

Keep on rocking my socks!

Hermana Hill

PS: Happy Argentine Mother’s day mom!!! Thought about you a lot this week- I´m SO grateful for my mom and grandmas!!!!

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