Monday, November 23, 2015

Dulce Diesiseis! (And Happy Halloween!) (November 2, 2015)


This week we have seen many of the fruits of our labors!! 3 less active members came to church with us!!! And one of our investigators unexpectedly showed up to the Relief Society Knitting party-thing! It sounds crazy, but you have no idea how wonderful it was to see all these things happen.

Lorena is one of the three that came back to church. The day we found her, we had been working and walking all morning. She was the last person on our plans, we were super far from home and already really hungry for lunch. It crossed our minds to just go home early. But we decided: ´nah, for some reason we had put her in our plans, and one more person isn’t that much extra effort`. When she let us in and asked: "how did you find me?" I thought we were in for a verbal beat up... but a miracle happened instead. Tears began to pool in her eyes as she told us her story and testified that God knows exactly when to send us. She´s been passing through a lot. She´s prayed every night that God help her find the strength to return to church. All of her 6 children have decided to reject God in their lives (for now), and if she were to go to church, without all or any of them, it´d be like really accepting that they´ve left the way. To help her, she just needed a few friends, a few hugs, and a few scriptures. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. Listen to that still small voice that´s telling you to reach out! IT´S WORTH IT. And you wouldn't believe all the miracles that she´s seeing in her family now.

This week I also got news that my investigator Luisa (from Barrio Pueyrredón) was baptized!!!! CONGRATS LUISA!!!! I´m so so happy for her!!!

Shout out to my new nephew Bohman Batty!!! I can’t get enough of the little picture mom sent me. What a handsome boy!!! I´m so stoked to get to hold him :) Welcome to the family, kid!

So you know, I´m going to be returning home on the 29th/30th of December- I can’t believe I've already been out here for 16 months today... We´re totally going to celebrate by eating ice cream on the beach and buying my comp new shoes. But I’m also stoked to be staying here for Christmas (NOTHING against my family and friends back home!!!) It´s just so special to be here, especially during Christmas- It´s the best to testify of our Saviors birth!!!! And our whole mission is going to have a Christmas get together too! I´m glad I don’t have to cut my mission 2 weeks short to be able to be home. I reiterate though that I love you guys SO SO much and that I look forward to skyping you! :) hope this is alright :)

It´s sad that they don’t celebrate Halloween here- just the English schools :) But we totally ate a bunch of Argentine candy to be the Americans that we are.

Also, in our mission, our daily schedule changed!! So now we leave at 8:30 am to preach and we study during the Siesta when everyone´s sleeping... WEIRD RIGHT?!? Lots of changes... I´m still trying to figure it all out!

Miracles are real. The church is TRUE. READ THE BOOK OF MORMON.

Love you! May God bless you and keep you!!!

Hermana Hill

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