Monday, November 23, 2015

Just another crazy week in Paradise! (November 9, 2015)

buen dia queridos!

It´s kinda hard to explain this week... it was crazy!!! Like, super weird things just happened all the time... I´ll save you from all the details, just know we´re safe and happy and the work goes on!!! So you don’t freak out with the lack of details, here´s a few: random unattended bonfires in the middle of the streets, finding a comic store on p-day and teaching the owner about the Restoration while standing by an Ewok and the elder wand, being followed by a homeless man (we hid and miraculously lost him), and we saw a popcorn truck that just stops on the side of the street, rings a bell, and hands out multi-flavored pochoclos among other assorted fun stuff! I love the mission :) Ooh! And it´s finally warm here!!! I got my first sun burn and first bug bite of the season! Bring on the summer!!!!

This week we were able to find a lot of families that haven´t gone to church in a long time. :D And they want so bad to change their lives! I´m excited to keep visiting them and learning from them and from the spirit! The members here are so great! They help us tons, and give too much food, and are always looking for ways to strengthen each other. We have like 3 family home evenings planned for this week! I´m supper stoked.

So one of my friends asked me this last week what my thoughts are about trials- and even though I’m late in getting back to him, I figured I´d write it in my weekly letter just in case one of you might benefit from it :) It´s something we talk about EVERY DAY in the mission. So many of us are looking for the WHY to all these crazy things that happen in life. I´ll try to put it in a few words... :) Part of the purpose of life is to be tried- to learn how to choose right from wrong and to learn and grow. We could compare it to a refiner´s fire. I love the parable that explains it. Just like a metal work of art, we must be molded and put under pressure, changed chemically and physically. It takes a lot of change to get a lump of metal to be a silver water pitcher! The master knows what He´s doing- we are carefully held in his powerful, capable hands. The metal is not "done" until it perfectly reflects the image of the Master. We´re here to become more like our perfect Father in Heaven, and receive his image in our countenance.

Sometimes we face trials due to our own decisions. If we do bad things (sin) hard things tend to come our way. There are consequences! ALWAYS. Our loving heavenly father gave us commandments to protect us from those natural consequences of bad decisions. Sometimes we face trials due to the bad/unrighteous decisions of others. There will be judgement for them now and in the end, but for those affected by their decisions, God loves them and wants to help them!!! He will give us no trial that is beyond our ability to endure. That doesn’t mean everything will have a happy ending. But if we endure it well- BOOM you can´t even imagine the blessings that you get now and in the future. He offers His Help. His Son died that his grace would heal us.

Dang, I could talk about this ALL DAY. And really, every one of the scriptures speaks of these things. READ THEM!!!! With all my heart, I pray that you read and love the scriptures. They ARE the words of God- how stinking cool is that?!?! It´s amazing!! And you all live in a modern world where you have the blessing of having them in your hands. Like the parable of Moses and the iron snake that he raised, that the people would look and be healed from the venomous snakes- LOOK! READ! PRAY!!! Stay strong. Nothing makes me happier than to hear that you are working to strengthen your testimonies! Remember, all things are made right by Christ and His Atoning Sacrifice. (Omni 1:26). If you wonder how, or you think it´s craziness on my part- just investigate! You´ll never know unless you look! :) Also, Doctrine and Covenants 59:23 and 84:82-85

Sorry that this was so long, but know that I love you all very much! I hope you have a WONDERFUL week. Learn lots. Be strong! May God bless you and keep you!!!!


Hermana Hill

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