Monday, March 30, 2015

Milagros en Marzo, and a Cumpleaños!

Hola familia!!!!

Primeramente, ¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑO CHARLES! I hope it was amazing! And happy 1 year to Diana! You both rock my socks. ¡That you both complete many more years happily!

This week was wonderful! I didn´t want anything for my birthday, but BOY it was fantastic for so many reasons! The biggest part of my joy was (and is) that Abuela Maldonado can see!!! My "Argentine great grandmother" Had surgery on Friday for her eyes. When I saw her and greeted her that night, I couldn´t believe it. Her eyes were so focused! When we walked in she stood up, walked toward me and began showing off her new mad skills- "What a lovely white sweater Hermana HIll! And here is your red strap to your bag. And wow you´re very blonde aren't you?!" I just about fainted. She took my face in her hands "Le quiero mucho, ¿Sabe?" Talk about a 180 degree change for the better! Abuelita was always so sad, missing her old life of vigor and vive, in which she planned parties and played with her great and great great grandchildren. I´m so happy for my Abuela! It was the best gift ever for my birthday! :) But still, my birthday was made even sweeter by the cake and facturas and cookies and friends. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! It's been one that I´ll never forget!

We also had the opportunity to witness a miracle with a family in our branch. We arrived on Tuesday to have a noche de hogar, and the sweet mom told us lovingly and a little sadly that this was the last of their food for the week, and they wanted to give it to us. They almost didn´t call us, but said: we know that if we sacrifice and give servants of the lord food, that He will help us. and if he decides not to, that´s alright too, cause it´ll be an opportunity to learn, but we believe he will help us. They fed us A TON, I felt so many mixed feelings. Gratitude, shame, humility, but I put my faith in God and prayed with every bite that they would have food for the rest of their lives for what they were doing for us. We called the president of the relief society exactly afterward and asked her to put something together for them, that we could be the hands of the lord in bringing a miracle to them and that we should help with the blessings that we´ve been given. When Hermano Maldonado went to bring by a little bit of food and money, to our surprise and joy the mother of the family told us that a friend in Mar del Plata had sent her money from a long forgotten debt, and they were able to have more food than they even needed for the end of this month. I´m so forever grateful for the miracles I've seen this week! I´m so forever grateful for the chance I have to serve here in Argentina and learn so so very much. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you can always look for the hand of God in your life! Love you!

Hermana Hill :)

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