Monday, March 23, 2015

Carnival (February 16, 2015)

¿Que Tal?

Hola de Argentina! This week was beautiful! It´s a little less hot outside, which is a sweet relief!!! In the begining of this month, we were swimming in the heat of 100 degrees with humidity. Gross. ...please come a little faster fall-time!

This week was the week of the carnivals, the latin equivalent of Martigra. Do yourself a favor and don´t look it up on the internet... It´s a week of partys, parades and crazy dancing in the main street. If you´ve seen the childrens movie Rio, it´s a lot like the parade thing in that :) The misioneras were indoors for all of this, i´ll have you know (haha luckily). And luckily too, it only happens at night, so it didn´t interfere with missionary work! Woohoo! And whats more, there were a ton of people together in families that we could talk to and share the gospel with! 

Saturday, the presidenta of Relief Society asked me to teach the women of our ward how to do "Galletas Yankies"- Mom´s famous Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies :) The were all amazed that we eat soft cookies! They wanted to freeze them so that they fit their customs of crunchiness. Whacha gonna do. But they loved it! And it was so fun to have a little Sister Missionary cooking show! And I had an excuse to overexagerate everything because the Abuela Maldonado is blind, and wanted me to explain everything. In order for these cookies to turn out here, I put in them a ton of Coconut- it rocks. I don´t know if I´ll be able to make them the normal way when I get back!

In one of my personal studies this week, I had the opportunity to learn from Alma 58:40. In the story of the Army of Helaman, their faith was such that not a single soul was lost in the battles, even when ridiculously outnumbered. They took a city without even fighting. But something very important is that their faith inspired them to act, and those things that they were able to do with the strength of the Lord were many. (I feel like I can´t speak english normaly anymore! Ahh! Sorry...) ANYWAY- they worked hard to obey exactly what God had commanded them, and with their diligence, their victories were many. The same principle applies to us today! Even when the trials are hard and many, if we are diligent and we strengthen our faith in God, we too will be able to win our battles. Feel free to read the scripture yourselves, cause I dont know if I can explain it in this language...This week i´ve learned a lot about patience, and this scripture helped lots.

Love you all so much! I hope you all are doing your missionary work and working on your personal progression! We got a chance to teach a sister how to do indexing the other day, it was awesome! There are many ways to serve the Lord and your felow man. :) 

Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Hill

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