Monday, March 23, 2015

"I got kicked out of school so I went to Seminary"

There you have it world- Earth´s most rebellious 16 year old, who got kicked out of school so he could go to seminary. While we can´t necessarily applaud his behavior in school (stay in school kids), I´ve got to admit that I admire his style. Maybe you´d have to know him, but I think at least we can all appreciate the moment when the seminary teacher slapped her palm to her forehead as if to say: "what in the world are we going to do with this kid?" His poor mother ;)

Here we are finally in Otoño (autumn)! After a scalding day on the 20th, the cold hit us in the night as unsuspectedly as the shark in jaws would have done without the famous John Williams musical foreshadowing. We knew the cold was coming, but really?! so suddenly? So we roast by day and freeze by night but all is well here in Tre Lau.

Heck, it´s more than ´well´ here, it´s stinking fantastic! ROBERTO WAS BAPTIZED! With heavenly help, he stopped smoking and overcame every challenge in the way. The life of Roberto is hard, but now he has a new family to take care of him, and he´s already receiving blessings for his willingness to keep the commandments. One thing I´ve learned more and more here is that the commandments are blessings, opportunities to learn and have our faith grow. Our Heavenly Father values our agency- our ability to choose. Although it means that sometimes we will fall, He has given us our Savior to pick us back up and walk the path of life with us. If we follow Jesus Christ and keep the commandments, we will live our lives with more joy- The concept is simple! But we must do it by faith, acting on the promises of the Lord before knowing exactly how they are going to help us. I know that keeping the commandments blesses us! Roberto will keep receiving these blessings for as long as he endures in keeping the commandments. Yeah, we partied hard for his great decision to be baptized ;) (meaning that we made cookies and the elders bought soda pop and the kids played fútbol)  Because it´s just so great!!! Even though the world doesn´t understand, I know that there are angels out there partying too because of the decision that Roberto made. Partying because of his faith. (maybe rejoicing is a better way to describe it, but hey, this is big! Do we realize how HUGE is the decision to be baptized? How wonderful it is?)

Speaking of keeping the commandments and walking with faith, we had a super cool Noche de Hogar (family night) this week! The theme- Lehí´s Dream. The activity? FAITH WALK! We led little groups into a room where Hermano y Hermana Garcia taught about our life before this earth and what we have to do here. They were so cute all dressed in white like angels. The groups were then blindfolded and had to hold onto an "iron rod" (yarn) that let them to the "kingdom of God". It was quite elaborate. Tons of people came; it made my heart so full! Freak it was awesome. 

Love you all tons! I´ll write you more soon!!! Keep the faith, love the commandments!


Hermana Hill

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