Monday, April 6, 2015

Torta, Maté, Profetas

Hola Familia y amigos!!!!!!

This week brought Easter and General Conference and the completion of my 9 months in the mission. HOW COULD YOU HAVE SO MANY IMPORTANT EVENTS IN ONE WEEK?!? :) It was very lovely, and the work marches along well in Trenque Lauquen (mom, transfers are in 2 weeks). For those of you who know my eating habits, you´ll be surprised to know that this week: I ATE FISH AND EVEN LIKED IT. yep. That happened and I didn´t die of disgust.

General Conference was awesome! A lot of members watched in their homes, but those that came stayed between sessions and ate cake and drank maté together. It was fun to see them enjoy themselves and that they spend time together openly and willingly, like a big family. In one session, 2 little girls were playing with my hair (I think I have bald spots now... haha!). They enjoyed coloring print-outs of bible stories. Yep, right at home here. I´m glad that conference talked about protecting the familia- the adversary is attacking marriage and family in every way, but we can and should have the courage to stand up for what we believe in and protect it. We can and should love and respect those who don´t believe the same way. We all have a right to believe and practice how we deem correct. I thought it was pretty cool that they invited us to take a stand to protect what we believe in. And I loved many other things! I know that the Prophet Thomas S. Monson is called of God, and that he and the apostles received heavenly help to share those messages with us.

To answer the questions of my mom, we watch the conference here via satellite, at 1 and 5 in the afternoon. Oh and hey, Gerrit, McKayla, Merril and many others- you did a GREAT job on Saturday with the music! Thank you for taking the time to prepare and do that! (Besides, it was super fun to sit with my companion and say "I know him, and him, and her, and oh that´s my BFF" or "we went to school together!" )

We also got to share this week the video "Gracias A Que Él Vive" (or ´Because He Lives ´or however you say it in English... ) Christ lives, and because He lives, we will all live again, and we CAN find peace in this life! Thanks to his sacrifice we CAN have our families for eternity. We can change and become people we never imagined that we could be. I know that my Redeemer lives :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you can reflect even more on what it means to you that Christ lives. ¡That we might always wonder in awe at His atonement!


Hermana Hill

PS: Thanks for putting up with my castiyankie/Spanglish :)

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