Monday, April 13, 2015

The workers are weak, but the Work forever will be strong!

Mis Queridos Locos,

¡BUEN DÍA! Trenque Lauquen is more beautiful than ever with the arrival of otoño. All the leaves are colorful and blanket the ground, making it easy to find the missionaries cause there’s an extra crackle in their step recently. Mom, here´s the weather/food report- hot cold rain cold rain HOT but yeah, I´m doing great! And food - TOO MUCH. Health, good.

This week, my SUPER friend Matias (Matí) was baptized! He´s such a champion. Even though it was a baptism of the branch, we got to help a lot :). My Compañera played the piano, and I got to talk about the importance of baptism. It was so wonderful! I´m super proud of Matí and his decision to follow Christ. He´s the best friend of little Brenda too (recently baptized) so it´ll be great to teach them more together :)

We also got to help with the branch seminary activity! We made paper cranes and sailors hats- hey, service can be fun if you make it fun! and this was super great. The theme- "EMBARK IN SEMINARY"- and dang, it got ME super excited. Even though I don´t go to seminary now, here in the mish, I get to invite people to go with much enthusiasm. I think it helped the teens and the friends they brought get excited too. Go to Seminary and Institute! It can bring you spiritual and intellectual power. I know it´s an organization inspired of God. And, if you´re not able to go/too old, STUDY YOUR SCRIPTURES DILIGENTLY AND CONTINUALLY. Do you wonder why anyone would die to get these books to you? read them with an open heart, asking our Heavenly Father and you´ll know :)

This week is the 139th birthday of TreLau, so all the artists and musicians held a grand festival. It was so cool to see the people dancing folklore! I wanted to join in, but 1- I don´t know the dance steps and that´d be awkward, and 2- missionaries don´t dance. ;) But still, I´m dying to learn one day.

Sorry, I don´t have time to write my spiritual thought, so this is a bit of what I sent to my president. Sometimes, life and missionary work are hard, but you know what, WE ARE NOT WITHOUT HELP. It´s all about patience, and hope, and consecration and charity. Christ makes ALL the difference.

La obra a veces toma mas paciencia, esperanza, animo, consagración, y humildad que pensamos que podemos tener. NECESITAMOS nuestro Salvador. Porque solos, no podemos. Pero El aumenta nuestra habilidad. Este es SU obra :) 99% de hacer la obra misional es seguir los reglas con exactitud, y procurar y esforzarnos a cumplir con el estandarte de excelencia. Es tener animo y urgencia Y paciencia. Paciencia es más fácil cuando glorifiquemos a Dios y le damos las gracias por su mano en nuestro vida. Sé que mi Salvador vive. Siento su amor cada día, cambiando me, ayudando me. Los obreros son débiles, pero aun y para siempre la obra es fuerte. Gracias por sus palabras de la consagración! justo, hemos pensado mucho en esto recién.

The work sometimes takes more patience, hope, encouragement, dedication, and humility we think we have. NEED our Savior. Because we cannot do it alone. But, He increases our ability. This is HIS work. :) 99 % of missionary work is to follow the rules exactly, and seek and strive to meet the standard of excellence. It is about having courage and urgency and patience. Patience is easier when glorify God and thank him for his hand in our life. I know my Savior lives. I feel your love every day, changing me, helping me. The workers are weak, but still and forever the work is strong. Thank you for your words of consecration! Right, we've thought about this a lot recently.

Love you all tons! In the words of my good friend Syster Maxwell, I miss you all like a fat kid misses cake! Welcome home Emily! I can´t believe how freaking fast time flies!

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Read your scriptures! Go to church! Pray!

Hermana Hill

Also, smile at someone today okay? Decide to be a friend :)

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