Wednesday, July 29, 2015

These Missionaries sang as they walked... and walked... (July 27, 2015)

and walked, and walked, and WALKED. Happy Pioneer Day Utahans!!!! We celebrated by, surprise! Walking. haha :) I´m so grateful for the sacrifices of my ancestors and all pioneers to establish a home of faith! And for being so firm in the standards of the Lord- I could go on about this all day- learn from the Pioneers everyone! Their examples are for our day! That being said...

Buen día!!!!!

What a wonderful week that it´s been! We got to teach Jenifer on Wednesday! She´s so wonderful! She said the prayer and is reading the Book of Mormon and everything! It was SO sad- her baby boy had a bad cough and so they couldn´t go to church this week, but we´re praying hard that everything is okay with him and that they can come soon.

We also helped host a baby shower this week! Kinda weird thing to do as missionaries, I know, but baking brownies and decorating a baby blue onesie- yeah, we´re the team for the job :) There are 3 pregnant ladies in our ward right now, so it was a fun night to come together and teach and learn about the importance of mothers and families and, well, we ate lots of cake too. But the morale is, THANKS MOM! And guess what!!!??? Like 4 less active members made it there too!!! YES. Our investigator Mailen was even going to go, but was sick. Freaking winter.

Speaking of winter, we celebrated Christmas in July. It’s just that, being in this freezer, naturally all we were craving was a little Christmas music and cookies and hot chocolate, so we decorated the house to the 9s and enjoyed ourselves :) (But not too much, because Friday I was sick. Again. Freaking again. With the stomach flu. But I´m okay. it was a one day stint. I don´t know what caused it, I just know that I’m only going to be able to eat fruit and veggies for the rest of my life... not to be dramatic or anything...) Lesson from this- finding random reasons to celebrate life (and especially the life of our Savior), will do your heart a lot of good.

Okay, because I'm short on time, I had to copy and paste my testimony and letter to my pres. It´s not that I don´t want you all to receive the spiritual part of my letter, AL CONTRARIO! I would love it if you could translate it... if not, here´s a little sum up of what I want to say:

Please, know that I love you and hope you read and study the scriptures with an open heart. I hope you smile at at least 5 strangers every day. I hope you remember to pray both morning and night! We need every second we can get to meditate and talk with our Heavenly Father. GO TO CHURCH!!! Help others go to church!!! If you have a car or don’t, get out there Sunday morning and help them make it. YOUR INFLUENCE MATTERS!!! :)

Este semana disfrutamos el oportunidad de ver los frutos de hermanamiento en nuestro barrio. Muchos menos activos vinieron a actividades y fueron visitados por nosotros y miembros juntos. Yo sé que Dios nunca olvide de ninguna persona. Aunque nuestros investigadores no pudieron ir a la iglesia este semana (causado por enfermidad) no nos disanimamos. Dios todavía esta con ellos. Esta ayudandoles, no les ha abandonado. Sé que como usted dijó, conversion no pasa en sola una semana- toma tiempo. Ellos pueden todavia progresar en este proxima semana y oramos que puedan ir a la iglesia pronto. Me puso un poco triste cuando ellos no llegaron (tuvimos miembros para ayudarles llegar y todo), porque sé que en la iglesia el Epiritu les puede enseñar aun más! Todos nececitamos estar ahí. Quisería que los miembros pudieren entender esto aun más- la importancia de la iglesia, y la influencia y responsabilidad que tienen para ayudar a otros llegar ahí. Nos esforzaremos para ayudar a más llegar este semana :) Ya tenemos mucho razon para regocijar- La asistencia esta subiendo! que gozo!!! Sé que el Salvador nos capacita y limpia. Su Expiacion es real, no solo una historia. Nececitamos la Santa Cena, y nececitamos aprender de uno a otro en la iglesia. Nunca estamos solos! Y tampoco nuestros investigadores estan solos- Dios les ayudará en su conversión, y nosotros tambien haremos todo posible por ellos.

This week we enjoyed the opportunity to see the fruits of sisterhood in our neighborhood. Many less-active came to activities and were visited by us and members. I know that God will never forget anyone. Although our investigators could not go to church this week (because of sickness) but we are not discouraged. God is still with them. He is helping them, and has not abandoned them. I know that, as you said, conversion does not happen in one week- it takes time. They can still make progress in this next week and pray that they can go to church soon. I got a little sad when they did not arrive (we had to help get members and all), because I know that in church, the Holy Ghost can teach them even more! We all need to be there. Members understand this even more-the importance of the church, and the influence and responsibility they have to help others get there. We will strive to help them arrive this week :) We have much reason to rejoice for attendance is rising! I love it!!! I know the Savior teaches and cleanses us. His Atonement is real, not just a story. We all need the sacrament, and we need to learn from each other in the church. We are never alone! And our investigators are not alone-God will help them in their conversion, and we will also do everything possible for them.

Love you! Have a WONDERFUL week!!!

Hermana Hill

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