Friday, July 10, 2015

Shankie Doodlay SOY! (July 6, 2015)

Hola, Buenas Tardes!

This week was flipin' awesome! Especially with my wonderful companion, and the hard working members of the Pueyrredón ward. This week includes the Finales del Copa America (American Cup? Soccer Tournament) On the 4th. We sported the colors of the USA, NOT Chile, just so you know. But so that we didn’t die, those colors were kept on the inside of our coats, and outside, we rocked the Sky blue and Gold with scarves and ribbons and earrings and whatever patriotic argentine thing we could find. The world wept here when Chile won. It´s just that us Argentines like letting others enjoy the 1st place so we can rock the second. Bad joke. We´re still bitter. Especialmente para perder a CHILE (especially to lose to Chile). Ouch. Add that to the fact that the streets were VACANT for 4 hours on Saturday, and the missionaries (us) without many people to talk to. BUT! Never fear, because we Yankees had a 4th of July miracle!!! We found 2 new investigators during the game- WHAT?! This is almost half of the new investigators that we had found in all of the week! One was a man named Fernandez, a 40 year old hipster that agreed to talk with us for a few minutes while he smoked, but no longer cause then he´d miss the game. But, even after he had finished 2 cigarettes he kept talking with us. and it was a wonderful lesson! We have another appointment to meet with him and his family this week!

The second contact was a woman named Norma. Whoa- another not so coincidence. Norma had just left to get some snacks for the game (seriously, everyone and their dogs were watching it) when we found her. She really needed to talk to someone, i´m so happy that we got to talk to her too. Her 9 year old son died a while back, and so she is desperately trying to figure out how God could possibly love her and what is going on with life. It hit a real heart string for me, well, extra hard, because I immediately thought of joey my little brother. We were more than happy to be able to share with her the plan of salvation! She was very grateful too, and apologized for her tears. I wanted to respond "ARE YOU KIDDING! Don´t be sorry for talking to us and crying!!! We look EVERY day for people who are like you and need comfort!!!! And if we hadn´t found you in this moment, we´d just be sharing the gospel with dogs cause they’re the only living beings in the streets right now! And this message is so important!!! And I know I only just met you but I love you so much and hope you have a happier life!!!!! I hope we can talk to you again because I KNOW this message will help you!" I think I shared a shorter, less scary, calmer version of that with her, but just know, missionaries ALWAYS have time to help. We LIVE for moments like that.

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Read and enjoy your scriptures! Love you all!

Hermana Hill

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