Monday, June 22, 2015

"Feliz Día Papá!"

Buen Dia!

First off: HAPPY FATHERS DAY YESTERDAY to all the dads out there that I couldn’t send a note to. I hope you all had a wonderful day! Thanks for all you do! I ALMOST spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday (I was the backup plan if someone didn´t show up), and I prepared a good long speech to all you dads. Sadly, I wasn´t able to share it in Argentina, so here´s a super short version for you lovely Americans! (Sorry it´s short, I´m really out of time :/ also, it´s a messy translation... but ANYWAY... )

Many times, we missionaries explain to the people that God is our father and a good father, and that he loves them. But to many, the concept seems strange. The being most powerful in the universe created us-

Okay, I´ll believe that.

But that he loves us individually and personally, that our lives are important to him and that he wants to help us-

It sounds like a fairy tale.

We can start to recognize the truth of these things, that he loves us and helps us, when we learn of Jesus Christ.

To help us learn more about them- Jesus and God- we of course have the scriptures, and prophets and prayers, but there´s something more that everyone has and is born with- Fathers and brothers. Thank you for your examples! Every action of service and love, every part of the not-so-simple work of fathers helps us to learn about our Father in Heaven. You are testimonies of Him, and can help the world return to Him. How great is your role as fathers!

Of course, there are many in this world who don´t have fathers in their lives, or there are others who don´t have the chance to be fathers- but thank you, all of you who reach out to be fathers to the fatherless!
I´m grateful to be able to witness and share that the grace of God, and the power of His son reach out to every little being, and that his justice and mercy are upon all of us. Thank you to all of you who work to ease the burdens of others and be fathers!!!

Sheesh I wish I could finish ^that thought, but I hope you all know how much you´re all needed and appreciated!

One little funny moment to tie up this letter-

After a long afternoon of trying to find people to teach, we met a woman who really lifted our moods. At first she was surprised to find 2 girls on her front step, but after talking a bit, she began to accept everything... like, so much it was a little crazy. "We´re here to help people know if this message is true, would you like to know if it´s true?"


"Wow! great! Will you read this and pray to know if it’s true?"


"Wow! congrats, seriously you have tons of faith! Will you join us to go to church tomorrow?"

"YES!!! I would LOVE to! What time?"

And so it continued... we were laughing with joy and amazement! We set up plans to pass by to help her get to church, but when we called her the next morning, she nervously asked who we were, then hung up the phone... yeah, the poor thing was surely very surprised! Maybe in that night she began to realize that she had just agreed to something really big and got a little scared- we´ll go back and help her and explain things this week... I hope we didn´t scare her, her poor little 85 year old heart. But we did get a good laugh! Even though we´re worried about her... yeah... maybe it wasn’t such a funny story but oh well... there you go...

Love you all so much! Sorry for not being able to send more great experiences! But the work goes forth and the fun goes on here in Pueyrredón! Read your scriptures, pray, go to church!


Hermana Hill

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