Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Back to the basics in... English Class!!! (July 13, 2015)

Hola familia!!!

We have had a STINKING AWESOME WEEK! Sadly, We were only able to work for about three days of this week... we caught some kind of a stomach virus... ewe... it was super sad. We feel 100% now and we were able to work all day Sunday! Nevertheless, it was still a great week, because in those days that we could work, wonderful things happened.

A sweet member called us this past week to invite us to attend her English class as North American guests. We had prepared a message about families and family history, but they already had it all planned out! They asked us tons of great questions to which we responded in English (it was SO hard to speak!) Their questions were wonderful! We didn’t think we would be able to share very much of what we believe with the class, but with their wonderful questions we could! We shared about a range of things, family history, why we´re called Mormons (book of Mormon), where is the church and what time, what kind of activities do you do are there etc. then, one girl said "Dale, no entendí nada, podemos hablar en castellano?" ("come on, i didn’t understand anything, can we speak Spanish) another student said in English (haha) "Why not?" So they began to ask us in Spanish! Booya. One man even asked "what is the difference between your church and the rest?" Good question! We were able to explain the restoration to them! And we turned the time over to our handy dandy member in the room to explain a few other things too, like the book of Mormon and why our ancestors are important to us :) BEST LESSON WITH MEMBER EVER. haha or one of the best that is. We made them oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and they gave us chocolates- win win. And we took a huge group pic and everything- it was so much fun!!! And now they don’t think that we´re just 2 crazy girls in nice clothes wandering the streets bothering people! Hopefully we can talk to them again soon :)

We had many lessons this week, and I was able to learn tons about the fears of the investigators/people that we talk with to change. They often feel that if they go to church, they´ll have to commit to God and everybody that they’re going to be good people and try to change their life. I hope we helped them understand that while yes- the goal is that we can all change our lives! And that’s not a bad thing, or to say that they’re horrible people, we all can be better, no? But going to church for the first time can be whatever you need it to be. Maybe its just to see how it is. To see how you feel there, and to learn. To see if it´ll help you or hurt you. It´s between you and God. I hope so much that they understand that, and have the courage to just see if it´s something they want in their lives!

Love you all tons! Have a wonderful week!!! Spread smiles!!!! Don't eat 3 day old meat empanadas!!!!


Hermana Hill

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