Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jeremias, Jenifer, y Geletina (July 20, 2015)

Feliz Dia del Amigo!!!

It’s the day of the friend here in Argentina, so buy that special bud of yours an alfajor (or other candy bar common to the country that you’re in...)

What an amazing week that we’ve had! Yes, we’ve fully recovered from the stomach flu (THANK GOODNESS) and were back to the battlefield. There’s already so little time left, so here’s the super experience of the week:

Sunday. End of the day, beginning of the week. We finished all the plans that we had for the day, but we still had an hour to hit the streets and work. We were tempted to just go home and work on the area books- like, that’s a good thing, right? And sheesh, it’s super cold outside, why not? But no, we felt that we had to keep working. we thought of a few more people that we could visit and headed that way. The people we had thought of didn’t open their doors. But just next to the last house we had, a woman sat on a bench feeding her baby. "We HAVE to talk to her!" as we started talking, we began to be amazed. This woman, Jenifer, is SO nice! And really had genuine interest in what we were sharing. She shared with us that she believes in God, but that doesn’t understand why things happen the way they do. She prayed for a baby, and she got one! But her boyfriend left her. Her friend had a baby and the baby died after 3 days. We were able to share with her about the plan of our Heavenly Father. Even though we don’t understand everything that happens, God loves us and promises us that everything will work out for our good. He has given us knowledge and his spirit to comfort us, and we CAN ask him! We talked for a long time, and I can’t explain it all, but she asked so many things, and it was so wonderful! She says that she has read the bible, and believes there is one true church, but even though she’s been to many churches, she can’t find it- she wants to! She asked us if we believe that our church is this true church, and how can she know? I can’t even begin to explain my amazement and rejoicing! I’m so amazed that even though I’m weak and a sinner and I make SO many mistakes, the Lord still guides us. He loves his children! He answers prayers! This is His work! He qualifies the called. I’m weak, but through the atonement, I can do many things!

This week we also got to hang out with our good friend Jeremias :) He fills us with so much joy. His mom recently was baptized (about 2 years ago) and because of the health of Jere they can’t go to the church. Jere has Down syndrome, and it makes it easy for him to get sick. But it doesn’t stop him from giving love and happiness to all those around him!!! Everything around him glows. Also, who knew that my scriptures could also be a car? He’s got a super imagination.

Also, Argentinians don’t know what hit them- they had a Jell-O sale!!! These 2 Utahan’s are in heaven!

Love you all! Have a wonderful week! May God bless you and keep you!!!


Hermana Hill

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