Monday, November 17, 2014

Mosquitos and Caladryl, what more does one need? (October 27, 2014)

Hola familia y amigos! 
Perdon, this letter is gonna have to be short! Once again, I wrote all those who wrote me before emailing the group email (oops)... Would ya´ll just stop being so nice and sending me such great emails?! (PLEASE know that that´s sarcasm! I love getting letters!)
Bueno, so that you get a little bit of a spiritual note, I´ll start with talking about our little Sofia. Sofia has been talking to the missionaries for at least half a year, if not more. And FINALLY she had a date to be baptized this past Saturday. She was so so excited and so ready, but in the end, her mom told her that she didn´t want her to unite with any one church. Or that she wasn´t old enough to do so. It was especially hard, cause Sofia thought she could, and we thought she could, for a long time. But in the end, nope. She´s going to keep going to church, and we´re definitely going to keep teaching her, but it was hard to watch this girl, who is so ready and excited to make covenants and be clean from the things she´s done, to have to wait for who knows how long. We´re going to keep praying and working so that she can. But I know that she´s going to be alright (of course) :) And that soon she will be able to be baptized. In the meantime, she can definitely still feel of the comfort that comes from reading the scriptures and going to church! We´re all so grateful for that! I´m grateful for the example of Sofia. Even though she can´t do this right now, she is deciding to be happy and keep going and wants to keep improving her life more and more! It´s hard, there are lots of crazy influences all around her, but she’s so strong and works so hard! She works hard to make time for her scriptures and church among all the crazy things that she has to do!

I know that miracles exist and are real, and I know that Christ lives! I love you all so much! I´m sorry that I really ran out of time this week. To explain the title, like, 10 members this week told me "CALIDRYL. Buy it! OFF spray. Buy it!" Yeah, my legs are a disaster, I´ve come to terms that they´ll never be the same again... haha oh well! Also, we have pets! We get to clean up slugs every day in our house- be jealous. I´ve named the one in the picture Mundungus. Yep. He´s a regular. I learned the word for slug in the MTC (babosa) and thought- HAH! Never gonna have to use that. I was deceived. 

Love you all so much! Hope all is well with you! Bye!

Hermana Hill

Oh and Happy Halloween!

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