Monday, November 17, 2014

"¡¿Como Andan Las Elderas?!" (October 20, 2014)

Yep, you heard correctly! Someone asked definitely asked us "how goes the elders (in feminine form)". We laughed about that for quite some time.
How are you all!? This week has been another great one! 
First matter of business- FELIZ DIA DE LA MADRE!!!!!!!!!! Okay, okay, I realize that it is NOT mother’s day where most of you are, but down here, in spring, it was. Just know, I was definitely thinking about you, mom, and my grandmas and my aunts that are all so great! So, happy argentine mother’s day!
(Someone is playing Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel (one of my favorite bands) on the panpipes outside of the cyber today... Could Argentina be more cool?!)
Okay, I don´t have the email of my dear brother Zack, so he gets a whole paragraph here for his own self! Sorry ya´ll, but he deserves it! Zack, I´m so stinking proud and happy for you!!!! Grandma G told me you got ordained an elder and I cried- I´m just so happy and excited. My heart is full cause I just know that you´re doing the right things and climbing in the right direction on God´s path. Keep on climbing! I´m so happy for you cause I KNOW that this is going to bless your life right now, and forever! I can´t tell you in the way I want to from so far away, but I´m really proud of you Zack and really happy that my big bro is doing really great things. Miss you tons, know that I’m trying to send you a big hug right now- feel it? Good. Love you!!!
Wow, so sorry everyone, I´m so out of time! Just know: another great week. Weather´s crazy. We´ve found people to teach and are searching hard for more. There are no coincidences in the Plan of our Savior. The chocolate milk here is just like the kind I had when I was a little kid- the yellow nestle boxes and everything! SO DELISH. Reminds me a lot of Grandma Hill. I made our oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with argentine ingredients. Yummy! The sub for brown sugar here is black and super moist... so my cookies looked dark brown, a little hard to know when their done, but eventually (after a few, sad little charcoaled stubs) we had delicious cookies that all the town wanted to try. Thanks mom for the recipe! Here, we say "eh" more than the Canadians. That´s gonna be a habit hard to break! Remember Hector? HE IS SUCH A HUGE EXAMPLE. He broke his leg, people are turning down his work cause he´s a Mormon, his cousin came to spit in his face cause he´s Mormon, and he´s SO firm: "of a truth, I’m more firm in my faith. I need to share my testimony next fast Sunday". He then proceeded to give us facturas (sweet bread with chocolate, sugar, and dulce de leche) "I just gotta thank you. I feel very content. Very firm". I hope I can be like Hector one day! I´ve been studying the talk "the fourth missionary" by Bro. Cordbridge or someone. It´s so so great! It talks about missions (obviously) but we can definitely apply it to our lives! I hope you can all read it. Even just a part of it, cause it´s really good. NOTE- if it makes you feel guilty, don´t. just keep going on the path doing great things and continually changing! :)

Okay, cause I´m out of time, just so that you have more to read (haha sorta) here´s my letter to my prez this week. Short too, but yep!
Katie’s mom’s attempt at translating: We are looking MUCH to find new investigators.  We have some, but they are not progressing (this week it will happen for sure).  Those who are progressing are children without the permission of their parents.  So we're working very hard, and one thing we have worked to remember is that we have to be thankful for the miracles and moments we have. Because if we are not thankful for what we have, why should we have more? And these people here need miracles, in Villa Mitre 2.  Two very happy grateful missionaries who will work very hard with joy this week.
Estamos buscando MUCHO para encontrar nuevos investigadores. Tenemos algunos, pero no estan progressando (¡este semana, va a pasar por seguro!) Los que estan progresando son niños que no tienen el permiso de sus padres. entonces, estamos trabajando muy muy duro, y una cosa que hemos trabajado para recordarnos, es que tenemos que ser aggradacida por los milagros y los momentos buenismos que tenemos. ¿Porque si no estamos aggradacidas por lo que tenemos, porque debemos tener mas? Y estas personas acá necesitan milagros, entonces, ¡quidado Villa Mitre 2! dos misioneras muy felizes y aggradacidas van a trabajar con gozo muy duro este semana. 
Love you all so much! Keep the faith, work hard, smile big! Have a GREAT week!

Les Quiero mucho! Ciao!

Hermana Hill

PS- oh yeah, I also went to Walmart last week ;)

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