Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ñoquis (December 1, 2014)

Hola todos!!!

This week has definitely been an interesting one! Very sadly, Hermana Burgos has been really sick. :( As a result, we've been in the apartment nearly all week. A few times we've been able to leave cause she´s felt better, or we´ve done divisions with the members. Pobre cita. We've been to the hospital twice, each time a different diagnosis- air pressure change and migraines. All I will say on this subject, I never want to have to go to the hospital, ever, and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone... Hermana Burgos has definitely been more than drugged up, which makes for some pretty fun conversations! Poor thing. Hope she feels better soon!

Although we had to go through all that this week, it´s been a good one. The lessons that we had were great, and igual, I learned a ton! I studied the language a lot, and read in Jesus the Christ (I LOVE that book). I learned how to cook ñoquis- a weird little noodle thing. DELICIOUS. And a bunch of other things too, although I can´t exactly remember... it´s al
l a blur ;) So family, you´ve got my weird cooking to look forward to when I get home! Luckily I've still got some time to get better... Thanksgiving was wonderful! We made rolls and lemon pie! And hand turkeys titled "Estoy aggradacida por..." On thanksgiving I had the opportunity to leave the apartment for a bit and teach with Sara, one of the young members of our branch. She´s so great! We had a lot of fun! It was my first time teaching etc without another full time missionary... that means that I was In charge. Ah! run and hide! Well, luckily for the world, the spirit is the one who is REALLY in charge with missionary work, and my companions and I had already made our plans. It was a great experience to learn from, and also a great experience to see all that I´ve already learned! I´m so grateful for all that I've learned, and for that opportunity to take a step back and remember- woah, I´m speaking another language. Woah, I´m navigating Argentina. Woah, I´m a missionary!!! Like, is this real life? I´m so grateful for the opportunity to be here, to grow and learn and work.

I've grown a lot this week in my testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. Following the advice of my companions, I decided to try to get to know Christ better this week. "If you want to grow in your testimony, or have a testimony of the Savior, get to know Him". In studying the scriptures instead of just kinda reading them, woah, yeah, my testimony of the divine mission and ministry of my Savior have grown SO much. My invitation to all of you, no matter in what state your faith is in right now, is to get to know Christ. It couldn't be easier to do than right now, in December, when everything so strongly bears witness of Him. I know that if you put forth your efforts to get to know our Savior this Christmas season, it will bless every aspect of your lives! And His influence will mean much to you long after Christmas. (Eep! Christmas!) I hope all of you can spend a little time every day thinking about Jesus Christ. I´ve found so much rest in my life this way! And I know that this principle applies to every person in the world- I've seen it! For those of you who are doing your part to get to know Him, study more ;) Dig a little deeper. Pray to see His influence in your "normal" everyday life :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Happy December! Eat some peppermint for me, ok?

Hermana Hill

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