Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's STILL Christmas!!! (December 29, 2014)

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Remember how I said that Argentines are quite the partying people? WELL, we´re still celebrating Christmas! We continue to eat a lot of pan dulce. And, most awesome of all- we can still use the little cards from the Él esla Dádiva! It´s wonderful :) We ask "can we give you a card-cito de navidad?" and they accept, and it´s still a great way to spread the gospel! We´ve found so many people to teach that way. Usually people don´t even want our cards, but they take Christmas cards! So It´s a great thing that the christmas trees are up until 3 kings day, or the day of the wisemen :) which is like in, January 6th or something. We´re gonna use the Christmas spirit for all we´ve got! Hey, who knows, maybe it will last till Easter. ;)

I´ve got my new compañera now! Her name is Hermana Mercado, and she´s from Nicaragua :) She´s so great! Her hardworking and excited attitude are contagious, and it´s great, cause we´re able to work hard and see lots of miracles together. AND she´s a whole lot of fun in a tiny little body! Her head hits right below my shoulders :)

Christmas in Argentina was WONDERFUL! We ate both meals (christmas eve and christmas day) outside, in patios shaded by vines :) I love my little italian/german/spanish/south american Argentina. And we had Asado! talk about delicious! Nothin like slow cooked Argentine beef over a hot fire. Talking about fire, it is SO HOT here! Our appartment this morning was 86 degrees... that´s WITH a fan. And there´s a whole lot of summer where that comes from! I even got my first sunburn :)


Looks like my times up, sorry! Love you all!

Hermana Hill

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