Wednesday, December 31, 2014

He is the Gift (December 15, 2014)

Hola! ¿Cómo Andan todos?

GUESS WHAT!?! After a week of craziness, our zone leaders told us that we don't have transfers for 2 more weeks!!!!!!!!! Guess what that means! Our trio not only made it for 6 weeks, (which is like, unheard of) but we´re going to make it for 8!!! WOO! Super trio strikes again! The chants that we sang por todo el semana de "trio otro vez, trio otro vez" realamente paso!!! What a blessing, no? I love it! and It makes it nice for the holidays!

FAMILY just so you know, I´m going to call via Skype at 5 my time and at 1 your time. Does that work for everyone?

Okay, as for this week, it was CRAZY. but like, more crazy than I ever could have imagined. When I get home, I´ll have to tell you all about Dalma and all the miracles that we saw this week. But for now, sorry! There´s not much time, and also a lot of it is pretty personal to her and it just wouldn´t be right to share it all over internet. that, and it´s like, impossible to explain fully. I don´t even fully understand what happened! In the end, ella no pudo bautizarse because she was in Santa Rosa, but she told us that she really wants to get baptized in the following week. I´m so so grateful that I´m going to be here for it. Dalma is amazing, and her faith really has strengthened mine, I have learned more than, well, than I can explain. So hows that for a story ya´ll? haha Yes, I do realize that I just spent an entire paragraph telling you nothing about everything...

BUT, I CAN tell you that we had the primary program this week!!! It was ADORABLE! And when they sang "Yo quiero ser un misionero ya" I almost cried. One of the kids waved at me and we were all just dying of the cuteness and innocence and awesome of it all.

I hope you all got a chance to watch "He is the Gift" If you haven´t seen it, definitely look it up on YouTube, every time I watch it I just love it :) Our Savior really IS the reason for Christmas, and I know with all my heart that He lives. I love the opportunity that we have as missionaries right now to ask people what they're willing to give to their savior this Christmas, and I've been thinking a lot about that too. I want to give everything I've got, all of my heart. when I fail in that though, once more I know that I can keep going, because of the Atonement of the very Christ that I´m trying to give my all to. It´s a long road, but there is SO MUCH HOPE. The more we learn about Him and read and practice His teachings, the more hope there really is in our lives. Right now, I´m working on figuring out little ways to give Him more and more every day, and I love it. It´s amazing how much more our lives can change every day when we do this! Like, after a great lesson or miracle or day in the mission, and I don´t think that my life could possibly be changed any more by serving here in Argentina, it does, and A LOT. how grateful I am for this!

I love you all so so much!!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas season! The church is true. Go to the temple! String up some more lights and ornaments for me :)

con mucho amor,
Hermana Hill

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