Wednesday, December 31, 2014

El es la Dadiva (December 8, 2014)

Hola familia!!!

Argentina has a holiday almost every Monday now a days- we´re quite the partying people!!! Sadly, because of that, haha I´m exceptionally short on time recently :) But know that I love you all! And that hace CALOR here (It´s really really hot). And there are dead frogs in the street, and we have a piano in the church here that plays itself. And that El es la Dadiva is the best. Look up "he is the gift" if you havent already seen it!!! We´ve seen miracles here to be able to share it. And yep. haha Sorry everyone! My time is already up... so, so that you have something to read at least! here is my letter to my presidente de mision.

Hola Presidente!!!

Este semana ha sido marvilloso!!! Es como algo cambió en nuestra area. No sé si es que nosotras estamos trabajando mas eficaz, o el espiritu de Navida ha tocado la gente acá, o exactamente que, pero ha sido un semana de muchos milagros. ¡Nuestra investigadora Dalma esta progresando y va a bautizarse este fin de semana! Estamos RE animados, por su puesto. Ella es un buenisima ejemplo a su familia y amigos y novio. Sus padres son miembros y estan reactivandose en la iglesia. Su novio es un nuevo investigador ahora, y ella esta compartiendo con todos via Face y sus acciones. Es marvilloso. El cambio que hemos visto en ella es gigante. Estamos encontrando MUCHOS nuevos por medo de "El es el Dadíva". Tengo un testimonio mas y mas fuerte cada dia que  Jesucristo y su evangelio puede cambiar vidas cuando las personas deje que el entre sus corazones.

Hello President!  

This week has been marvelous!!! It's like something changed in our area. I do not know if we are working more efficiently, or the spirit of CHRISTMAS has touched people here, or exactly that, but it was a week of many miracles. Our investigator Dalma is progressing and will be baptized this weekend! We are encouraged, of course. She is a beautiful example for her family and friends and boyfriend.  His parents are members and are reactivated in the church.  Her boyfriend is a new investigator now, and she is sharing with everyone via Face and actions.   It is marvelous. The change we have seen is huge. We're finding many new people with "He is the gift."  My testimony grows stronger and stronger every day in Jesus Christ and his gospel  It can change lives when people let it into their hearts.

Love you all tons and tons and tons!!! Until next week!

Hermana Hill

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