Monday, May 18, 2015


Queridos amigos y familia,

This week has been spectacular. There is so much that I can and would love to talk about! The most important and wonderful is that THER IS NOW A DEDICATED TEMPLE IN CÓRDOBA. President Uchtdorf and Elder Christofferson, with other area leaders came to celebrate and dedicate the temple! It was wonderful to hear elder Christofferson talk completely in Castillano, and President Uchtdorf even showed off his Spanish skills with a little German accent and a few lines of welcoming and jokes. ("for those of you who didn’t understand me, i wasn’t speaking German"). The talks gave me chills and we cried with the complete joy of it all. The temple is HUGE and so elegant! Surely, and I know it too, it has been and is and will be a blessing and a life changing spot. I already feel the difference of having another temple in our country. It will bless and protect the members and all the people of Argentina. I want it to be filled with people always, and I hope that I can do my part as a missionary to make that happen. I hope all of you are going to the temple! Serve within it’s walls or enjoy the beauty of the grounds around it. EVERYONE is invited to partake of the beauty and spirit of peace resides in the temple. GO OFTEN. I know that the lord has established these houses and named them His. In them we can learn of His love and feel it too. I can talk about temples all day- please go!

This week I also went in divisions for two days in Santa Rosa. Brendan- I met a baseball player FINALLY! The first one that I’ve found in Argentina yet. He has a scholarship for Stanford <- SAY WHAT? We found him in a miraculous way too. My companion Hna Antuña and I prayed, and picked a spot on the map to knock doors that day. Without knowing beforehand, we had picked the same area. So, in contacting in that street, with every door every person said "nope!" "NOT INTERESTED" and we even got a polite "please go away". But that last door that we knocked was a good one. Franco opened up. He doesn’t even live in that house so it was a "coincidence" that we found him (Nope). He’s super excited to learn about the church and go to activities with his friends. I learned so much in divisions!!!

Love you all lots! Go to the temple! Share the joy of the gospel! Pres. Uchtdorf promised us that if we practice joy and smile more that the churches will be filled. Make it happen!

May God bless you and keep you!

Hermana Hill

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