Monday, May 25, 2015

Hermano Lucero has a Farm...


There are almost too many adventures to write about this week! So let’s get to it...

Monday we visited the cemetery of Toay, all the graves are above the ground and there are even "houses" where families put their caskets all together. It was nice to be able to visit a few of the people we know. The grounds keeper showed us symbols on a few of the graves and asked us if we know their meaning. Most of them, not a clue! But we assume the skull and crossbones mean pirates... hey, you never know! The coolest part was that we got to share about the plan of salvation with the man that works there.

Friday, we visited Hermano Lucero and his farm in the middle of rolling hills of grazing ground :) It’s just a 45 min walk from the center of town. (Yes, Toay is that small...) We enjoyed his horse and pigs and chickens and dogs, and it felt amazing really to be in the clean air and the quiet campo.

That night we had a super ward activity- TALENT SHOW BASED ON THE BOOK OF MORMON! Not very many prepared talents, so it was kind of a "Sister Missionary Show" but luckily we were able to incorporate the kids so that they could show their skills too. They colored and showed off their art, played "heart and soul" with us on the piano, and in our play about Ammon and King Lamoni they got to be sheep and servants :) It ended up being a SUPER fun night!!! We were overjoyed too because the family that the other Hermanas are teaching came, and so did a family of less actives that we visit! And a HUGE blessing was that they came to church on Sunday too!

I love you all tons and tons! I hope you all are sharing the gospel and reading the scriptures- get involved! I love the conference talk "Soy yo Señor?" um... don’t know what it is in English... but remembering that we CAN change. (“Lord, Is It I?” given by President Uchtdorf October 2014 – see link We don’t have to be miserable creatures that are stuck in routine of guilt and mistakes. The atonement of the Savior is for EVERY ONE OF US. For those that say "I’m better than everyone" and for those that say "I’m worse than everyone"- both sayings are to negate that His atonement reaches every person. "I’m weak, but I CAN be made strong in Christ."

Love you all!!! Have a great week!!!! God bless you and keep you!

Hermana Hill

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