Monday, May 11, 2015

The Trumpets are Sounding


Whoa, where do I even start this week?! It was especially great to be able to talk to a few of you yesterday! Happy Mother’s day to all that I didn´t see!

This week we met a man when knocking doors that proposed a question a Little out of the norm. When usually we get questions like "where are you from, girls?" or at most a "what´s the difference between your religion and mine? God is the same." He asked: "What´s this in the bible that talks about the Trumpets?"

"Um, the part about the apocalypse?"

"No clue."

So we got to explain!!! It was so cool. We were able to jump right in and explain prophets and to him and that we should prepare for the second coming of Christ by following these prophets and follow Christ, and being baptized. When we went back to teach him, it went so well!  We couldn't have done it without the help of, well, first off, the Holy ghost, but especially in this case the member that came with us. They connected so well! They have sons of the same age, both employed in the army. She was able to explain things to him in a way so simple and personal. I´m really grateful for her help. WE CANNOT DO THIS WORK WITHOUT MEMBERS!!! Even if you´re not leaving to go out and teach with the missionaries, share your testimonies in small simple ways. you don´t have to hide that you went to the temple the other day and how you felt about it. Or that you´re getting ready to go to trek. Or that you love doing family history- Whatever it is, dare to let your religion show! I promise you, it DOES make a difference. A big one. Invite the missionaries to bring an investigator to your family home evening! get to know your neighbors. This principle applies to everybody- Mormons or no. You don´t have to be ashamed or afraid of what you believe. And never should we chastise ANYONE because they believe differently than we do. By sharing willingly and respectfully, we can be the hands of the Lord to bless the lives of others.

On a cultural note, not only are the trumpets of apocalypse sounding, but so are the rosters! I have the grand pleasure to wake up to the chickens next door every day. I´m telling you people, they don´t just greet the sun, but they warn you of it, a good 2, 3, 4 hours before even a hint of light escapes the horizon.

Also, I just have to say that I love the Hermanas that we live with! Hermana Mancuello and Hermana Baird are AWESOME. Hermana Mancuello is from Paraguay and like a Latina princess- graceful and Smart. Hermana Baird is from Idaho and hilarious. I don´t know a better way to explain it tan to say that she is a human girl version of "Olaf" from Frozen.. I don´t know if I already said, but Hermana Castleman my companion is from Centerville Indiana, has an amazing voice, and is just all around awesome.

I love you all so much!!!

¡Write ya soon! Have a wonderful week, and may the Lord bless you and keep you.


Hermana Hill

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