Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Wait, you don´t drink maté?!"

Buen Dia Todos!

This week has been great! I still love Argentina, still love Trenque Lauquen, still love my companion. All is good! To answer the questions of my mother, yes, I am eating, yes the mosquito are biting (but much less! Thank you SO much!) and well, I think I´m safe, so... ;) Oh, and can you send me the recipe for snicker doodles? The members here love them :) Cookies here are different, they´re meant for maté or milk. They´re super yummy, but will probably never go bad cause theyre so hard. I love them! Anyway, the members like learning how to make "galletas yankies"

I only have a little time to write today, but I want to tell you all about our investigator Julio! He is just fantastic. This little old retired man brightens my day every time I get to talk to him. He´s trying to stop smoking, and even though he thought it was impossible, he´s already cut down half! And we have another little chickadi that we´re teaching, Evelin. We love to watch "the living scriptures" videos with her :) 

Wow, so so sorry, I´m already out of time, but I love you all so much! And I hope you like the pics! (mom, please add the pics I put on dropbox.

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