Monday, January 26, 2015

Surviving Martes 13 in Argentina

Buen Dia again to everyone!

First off, I´d just like to apologize for my last email and its lacking, well, lots. But hey! At least ya´ll know that I´m alive, so I regret nothing.

This week has been awesome! We've worked hard, found new people to teach, and I´ve learned tons. This week the missionaries of our branch got to sing in church! It turned out surprisingly well for only having 5 minutes of notice. But, from the smiles of the moms in the congregation, I think I´d have the courage to do it again if they asked. We've been doing a lot in our little area to strengthen the obra misional. 2 Sundays ago, we missionaries talked in church. It was great to be able to share the stand with Hermana Mercado, and Élders Scruggs and White. I was a little nervous, cause it was my first time having to give a talk in church (I've born my testimony, nothing more). It´s weird that even with talking to strangers on the street every day, having to give a talk can give one butterflies. But as I talked about President Monson´s talk from General Conference 2012, Seeing others how they can become (or some other title in English), my fear melted away and I was able to talk freely. I love the thought from that talk that if we can just see others how God intends to have them be, all of our actions will change to help them do it. It doesn't matter how a person is right now, people change every day, and with God, the change can be drastic. I´m NOT saying that you shouldn't respect and love people how they are right now. We should love people enough to help them fight to make their lives better. To help them fill their lives with the gospel. and not change who they are, but help them become who they want to be... haha just read the talk ;) I know that studying the words of our prophet have helped me a TON here in the mission, and know that they´ll help you all with whatever you are doing in your life.

Also, real quick, for those of you who share the gospel and are rejected, DON'T LOSE HOPE. People remember every invitation, every testimony, even when you think they won’t. Sharing your testimony matters. I can´t even count the amount of people that I meet in the street that have said something like- "oh! I know, you’re from the church that so&so attends. She´s invited me to go before, I´d like to one day". And then we can talk to them about what they know, and things build and build to be something great. By small and simple things, great things really are brought to pass.

Love you all tons! I hope you have a wonderful week! Remember to study the words of conference and to study Preach My Gospel. Until next week!


Hermana Hill

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