Monday, September 22, 2014

¡Primavera en my alma hay! Bautismo de Hector

¡Hola familia y amigos!

This week was the end of my first transfer in the mission! I can´t even begin to believe it.... 6 weeks in argentina?! already?! It makes my heart race a little. I also "killed my mom"- the compañera who I had finished her mission! My mama de la mission, Hermana Naylor, is headin on back to utah. Transfers are like receiving your mission call again. you know you´ll be happy wherever you go, but the not knowing who you´ll be with for the next 6+ weeks 24/7, where you´ll be living, who you´ll be serving, is weird and crazy. I´m going to be staying in Villa Mitre 2! I love it! I´m so excited! There´s a lot of work to do here and I´m elated to do it. My new companion is Hermana Saunders! Ella es tan buena! I actually got to meet her back in Utah one time when we both found out that we were coming here. We had lunch at Argentine Corner. it was great :) and now we get to be companions! Yay!

This week was so so great. Our investigator Hector was baptized and confirmed this last weekend! He´s amazing. And a huge example. He decided early on that he wanted to get baptized, and it´s been amazing to watch his progress! He stopped smoking cold turkey, and want to hear a miracle? He said he doesn't even want cigarettes anymore- we fasted and prayed a lot, and our prayers were DEFINITELY answered. He says he´s a slow learner, but he makes sure he understands everything we teach, and more importantly, understands what the spirit tells him in his mind and heart. In so doing, he has had conviction to press forward and wants to keep doing it. I hope we can all have that kind of faith and hope and dedication. I could just go on and on about his example. One of his friends from work had a stroke, and his friend has no family, so Hector moved in with him to help him and take care of him. Hector sacrifices a lot, and when we tell him so, he immediately thinks of other people.

Also, general conference is coming up!! I´m so excited. I even made a count down... :) It´s great.  Hope you all watch it and are preparing yourselves to watch and listen to it. Go with questions to every church meeting! to every time you study the scriptures! to every time you pray! I know that if you do that, you will find answers to those questions, and even to questions that you didn't think you had!

I´m totally out of time, but I love you all tons and tons! May God bless you and keep you!


Hermana Hill

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