Monday, September 8, 2014

¡Hola a todos!

I can  hardly believe that another week has gone by! Bahía Blanca is just starting to burst into spring, and it´s gorgeous. The work here is progressing and we truly see miracles everyday. I wish I could send you all pictures! The computer isn´t working again this week... so expect tons and tons in the weeks to come. I´ve decided that the united states REALLY need dulce de leche. And milanesa. Every Monday, when we come to the city to send emails, we get churros that are filled with dulce de leche- it´s heaven! I can´t begin to explain how great it is!

A quick funny for the day- one of our investigators is an adorable and brilliant 11 year old. As we were sitting discussing the scriptures he tells us: "Jesus must be from Spain. He talks so fancy and is always using "vosotros" and such. Where is Jerusalem in Spain?" Okay, maybe you all won´t think that was as funny as we did, but it was just so darn cute! Also, I´m sure it makes more sense if you actually know Spanish.... dang. But ANYWAY- just know that funny things happen.... even if I´m really bad at making them sound funny in my letters...

One of our other investigators, Hector, is absolutely amazing. He told us the other week that he learns slowly, but that he still has bright hope and is excited to learn more about the gospel and be baptized. He wants to be baptized because even though he doesn´t understand everything, he feels good going to church and reading the Book of Mormon :) What faith and humility! He´s a really good example to all of us. He might not be able to understand everything yet, but he certainly is wise and definitely has been prepared to have the gospel enter his life right now.

Sorry that this letter is kinda scattered, I just have so much to tell you all!

For the past 4 weeks, we´ve had dogs follow us all the way to church! It´s hilarious, cause even if the investigators and members don´t come to church, their dogs will :) haha! I love it! Sometimes it´s freaky cause the guard dogs in various houses don´t like the pack of dogs and people coming to church with us every week, but these dogs also protect us and walk us home at night :) We even have a regular dog that comes to church with us every week. We named her Negrita- little black one (super creative, right?). It´s fantastic. but if I get fleas so help me...

For those of you that have asked, the language is coming along great!!! I can´t always understand, and I can´t always respond completely how I want to, but I KNOW that I have received a LOT of heavenly help with the language. And everyone says that my castillano is super good for a greenie! I mean, that´s not saying much, but it´s super comforting and kind that people tell me that! I´m so grateful!

One of the things that I have really loved that we recently started doing is singing in our lessons! Hymns and primary songs invite the spirit so strongly wherever we go! whether we have had a rough day, or a good day, humming and singing the hymns as we walk lifts our attitudes and turns our thoughts more to the joy of the gospel. That´s a huge blessing and super important, cause that´s why we´re here! The gospel is joy! And I´m so grateful to be here sharing that with the people of Argentina. There is so much peace and joy that comes from the message of this the restored gospel! Don´t forget to smile, and don´t ever forget to sing. Every day can and should be a day of joy! Sing until you feel good, that might sound annoying, but hey, do it for me. do it for yourself! Sing in a silly voice, sing with a weird accent, sing with all your heart! there is nothing more beautiful to me than someone who sings with their whole soul, even if they´re the most tone deaf person this world has yet seen. Righteous songs really are prayers to our Heavenly Father, and I know that they will bless your lives. Singing is wonderful! And singing with the purpose to bring your heart closer to God is something even more special. :)

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week! God Bless you and keep you! ¡¡¡¡Quidase mucho!!!!

¡Ciao! ¡Les amo mucho!

Hermana Hill

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