Monday, September 1, 2014

Peras, Maté, y..... ¡¡¡BAUTISMO!!!

It´s been yet another wonderful week in Argentina! I love it here so much. I love the people, the buildings, the food, the dogs, the sky, the language- everything. As the subject line stated, we had a baptism this week!!! It was so so wonderful! This week was the baptism of a lovely 9 year old named Zoe, I think I´ve told you about her before, but she really is a special girl. (lo siento, the pictures aren´t working on this computer, so I´ll be sure to send you some next week if i can!) Her testimony is so strong. She´s very inteligente. Y the spirit that she invites es tan fuerte tambien. (sorry for the spanish... I should just start writing this totally en spanglish, cause wow...) Anyway she´s awesome! After the baptism, we asked her if she would like to bear her testimony, or share her feelings, with the people there. she agreed promptly and shared the sweetest testimony of how she is grateful that she can follow the example of Christ, and start on the path to him, and how she is clean and can covenant with Heavenly Father. What an example she is for her family and all of us! A girl in our ward heard her testimony, and because of it, gave her little sister, who is also 9, permission to be baptized! She beforehand thought that she was too young to know how important baptism is, but these kids are so ready and so excited for this covenant! It was a miracle. They´re both very excited too! and it makes us all so happy! Especially because this will be a huge blessing to them both, to be able to help each other and comfort each other as covenant children of Heavenly Father. This week we have seen SO many miracles. I wish i had time to share them all in a way that would give them the explaining they deserve! but I want you all to know, miracles DO exist in this day and age. All we need is the faith to look for them and the faith to expect them to happen, trusting in the Lord and His will. Don´t be afraid to pray for them! Heavenly Father is waiting to pour out his blessings upon you :) If you don´t trust me, search it out for yourself- i know with all my heart that they are real! 
Really quickly, because I don´t have much time, I want to tell you about another miracle of this week! One of the members in our ward works a TON and can never come to church, and never has energy to read his scriptures. This 21 year old is going to kill himself with all his work, it´s ridiculous. Anyway, I had a little mini Book of Mormon in English that he said he wanted to try to read since he knows a lot of English and wants to learn more. (a miracle that I even had or bought that thing too- cause I have a billion other copies) We´ve stopped by his house many times and no one has been home. I´d almost given up trying. But I decided to put my Book of Mormon in my box anyway, just in case. we were in his neighborhood, and decided we´d try one more time. We were kinda worried about stopping by again, because we had already seen his dad (who is a HILARIOUS man and super kind. He isn´t a member, and hasn´t really talked to us, which is hard cause we want to help him with his worries etc). But we stopped by anyway. His dad answered the door, thoroughly shocked to see us again. We talked for a REALLY long time. Things have happened in his life recently that are truly miracles for him, he cried as he told us that he is just so happy and want´s to know how he can repay God for what he has done for him. We invited him to church, and he refused that cause he doesn't want to commit to anything. We assured him that it isn´t a commitment, but that it was okay if he didn´t feel ready. He agreed to read a pamphlet though! This is a man who for years hasn´t agreed to read or investigate anything! But he told us that because he needed it right now, he truly would read it. And I believe him. What a miracle that we thought to go back again! And a miracle that this was the exact time when he needed comfort! Heavenly Father truly knows his children.
One of our investigators made us doilies - you know, those lacy frilly things that classy folk tend to have under lamps and such? YES: so now, I have a bright blue doily under my scriptures. be jealous. my companion has one that´s bright pink. You wish you had one, I know. Sorry. I guess i ya´ll want to send me money I can ask her to make some more ;) But seriously, I really do love it :D haha, who would have thought! 
Also, pears here are amazing, and maté is delicious, and the Church is true. 
love you all! i´ll try to write more next week! God Bless you and Keep you!!! Choose the right. 
Hermana Hill

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