Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Halfway there - say what?!

Hola familia y amigos!

It's been another great week at the CCM. This week our zone got our new missionaries. They're great! It's weird being the old people who know what's going on, but It's a good change! Many of them are intermediate Spanish speakers, so I'm always surprised when we can ask them questions or when they help us on our Spanish... It's nice to have added help around. And it's nice to have more people to face in four square and volleyball! And it's nice to be able to do more service and remember how far we have come.

Teaching our "investigators" is going so much better now too! We're getting the hang of it, and we know more Spanish. The spirit has been really strong in our last few lessons. We still have much to learn. I'm so grateful for my teachers here! It has amazed me how many times they have said things that I totally need to hear. We have lessons on the things that I need most for my teaching, or we'll talk about a concept that helps me greatly in my own life. I mean, everything that we talk about here helps me with my life, but it's amazing how specifically it answers my prayers time and time again. I  know that the program here is inspired and that my teachers are led by Heavenly Father to know what to teach. My journal is nearly half full already with spiritual thoughts and lessons. I learn much from the other missionaries as well! They say that things are magnified when you are on a mission- the downs are deep, but the joys are glorious! It's very true. 

It's hard for me not to turn on my ipod or search for music online, but I love how much we sing here! Oftentimes the songs we sing are exactly what I need. And when i get on to the computers I get to listen to MoTab, and that is a HUGE blessing! I think my companion thinks I'm nuts, cause I definitely burst into tears the other day just from the comfort that the music was to me.  I also listened to a video of John Williams conducting the choir and orchestra in 2002! I was super excited! I was thoroughly astounded when most of the people around me had no idea who he was... I'm not in Kansas anymore totto... There was also a random song that was arranged from Jupiter by Holst. :D It was great! haha and once again, I was a little sad when no one knew Jupiter, or even Holst. Sorry, you all probably didn't want to read this email just to hear me rant about mu

sic some more, but oh how I love good music! It's definitely one of the strongest ways that I feel the comfort of my Heavenly Father. I'm grateful that that is still true, and that He is still blessing me through music! I don't mean to make it sound like they're torturing me here with the lack of music- oh heavens no. There's a time and a place for it and rules are important! But if it's possible, my testimony of the power of music has increased! All of you should go listen to some good soundtracks and classical music and MoTab for me :)

Not much is different this week than from last I wrote. The food is still good (we don't have as many choices as they do on Main Campus, but it's still usually delicious.) Oh! And the Life Cereal this week was totally labeled "eternal life" that made me happy... Oh Mormon jokes- I love em!!! The work is still good, the Gospel and this church are still true :) My district is so close, I love them so much! 

One thing that I learned specifically this week: every person in this earth has a different spiritual gift, and each and every one of those gifts are important. One of the Elders in our group was feeling discouraged that it seemed like everyone around him had a talent or specific gift and that he didn't. It's been great to see him begin to see his great worth. He might not be musical, or extremely athletic, or brilliant, but he has the gift of Charity and Love. When he talks to you, you feel important. He is amazing at finding good in all the people around him and telling them. Rarely does he talk about himself when he's bearing his testimony. He's usually thanking others and thanking the Lord. That, to me, is way cooler than being able to dunk a hoop or be an accomplished musician. And his other talents will come as well as he seeks to develop them too! That's the super cool thing! We've all been given gifts, and we get to work to develop them! And we can pray for gifts- Heavenly Father is waiting to bless us and help us become more like Him and His Son. I don't know if I've already mentioned that to you all, but I would just definitely invite you all to pray and seek to develop good talents- spiritual and temporal. All are important! 

I've learned so much! I wish I could share it all with you. :) I hope you will all read the Book of Mormon. I've started asking questions and praying before I begin my study. I know that Heavenly Father has helped me receive many answers to prayers that way. What a glad message it is that God speaks to us! And anyone can know it! I'm so grateful for my Savior. His atonement makes all things possible. I have drawn closer to Him these past few weeks than I have ever been in my life. Because of Him, my weaknesses can be healed and my inadequacies can be overcome. His doctrine is the center of this gospel. I invite you to search His life and teachings. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End- they seem so simple, but each point is filled with such great beauty and importance! I could write about it for hours. I'm still trying to understand it and learn it. It's a process, and what a blessing that is! 

I love you all! I hope you are all well and having a great week! I love hearing from you :) Tuesdays are preparation days, but they are also holy days cause i get to hear from you! (that, and I'm on a mission, haha so if they're not holy I'm probably doing something wrong). Have a great week! Study Preach my Gospel- it rocks. Love you all!

Te Amo!

Hermana Hill

Katie's mom again... Katie sent some more pictures this week, but technically I think they were from last week. It is so good to be able to see things through her lens, so to speak.  Also good to see/hear that she hasn't stopped loving music and art in her life.  This girl has taught me, and continues to teach me, so very much.  What an example.  

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