Friday, July 18, 2014

Now in Week 3 at the MTC!

Hola dearest family and friends!

With regards to the subject of this email, we say we're in "week three" cause it makes it seem like we've been here longer :) It certainly feels like we've been here longer! My companion constantly has to remind me that it hasn't been a month that I've been here, that we taught that investigator this morning, that the last time we did laundry was only a week ago... then there are things that also go extremely quickly, like: no, we ate this last week, not yesterday, and look at how much Spanish we've learned! We've already been here two weeks? it feels like just last week that I was at the Provo temple saying goodbye or going to do baptisms with my friends! There are a lot of things that I could reminisce upon, but enough with that for now, I haven't got much time so I'll attempt to tell you of my week! Or something.

Spanish is coming along nicely. I need to speak it more outside of class. My teacher always tells us that if we only speak 10% of HSI (speak what you know) we'll only receive 10% of the gift of tongues. And it's true! God will bless our diligent efforts! Especially because we have been told to speak it often in PMG and by our teachers. And prophets wrote PMG, so we'd better do it!

Today my district got to go to the Provo Temple! It was such a blessing. The spirit was extremely strong, it was exactly what we all needed too! A relaxing opportunity to draw closer to Christ and learn of His gospel! I love my district, they're all so great. The other districts in our Zone are all gone now, it's just us 3rd weekers! And we're the leaders of the zone now. Tomorrow our newbies will get in. I'm so excited to welcome them in and make friends with them! Hermana Sprenz and I are now Online Coordinators. So we make sure that everyone emails our Branch Pres. and knows how to get pictures to their families and emails them on their first or second day. That last one is important. I remember how much better I had felt once I had written my family even a simple letter of "I'm alive and well! Love you!" It was like a weight had been lifted from my heart. So I'm going to make sure those new missionaries get that chance. 

Our first "investigator" is now our teacher and still one of our investigators (we have two. the other one is played by our other teacher.) We have amazing teachers! It is SO hard teaching lessons though! I'm learning a lot though. And our first investigator is progressing, even though he hasn't had much education and so reading the Book of Mormon is hard for him. He still refuses to read it, but hopefully we'll be able to help him understand the scriptures and his desire to read it will increase. The Book of Mormon is amazing! It's wonderful that Heavenly Father knew that doubt and evil would reign on the Earth so he gave us additional scripture to confirm the truthfulness that His gospel is on the Earth once more and is lead by living prophets. How cool is that?! I hope you will all read the Book of Mormon. I learn so much every time I do. My testimony of it's power has definitely increased. I might not have all the answers, but the power of the Book is able to dispel doubt. By the spirit we feel from the Book of Mormon, we can gain the comfort to be patient on the questions we have and feel the comfort that this church is true.

Okay, here's your Spanish word of the day: "Adios". Simple enough right? You all already know it too! Sweet! One of our branch presidents pointed out to us though that it's the combination of A and Dios. Which translates to: "To God". He didn't explain this part, but I thought it was cool that every time we tell someone goodbye by saying adios, it's like saying "God be with you" or "I'm leaving you, but God has got your back". 

Missionary work is hard, but it's so worth it. I know that already, even though I'm not out in the field. It can be scary to go up to people you've never met and speak a language you don't really know, and share a message that they probably wont believe at first. But it's that last part that makes it all worth it. The message of the restored gospel IS wondrous. It's beautiful. I have seen the difference that it has made in my life. And the more I pray to see people the way God does, and the more I do my best to understand people and love them, the easier it gets to do it. The more I learn about this message, the more I want to share it. It can be scary, but be not afraid, for the Lord is with us, and will help us. 

For those of you who asked: The food is good! The people are great! The weather is hot, and I sweat a lot, but oh boy do I love it. I miss you all very much, but I know that God watches over you. I hope you are all well! I don't know if I put it on here last time, but if you want to or can, you can send me letters here by and it's free while I'm at the MTC, which is super cool. I'd love to have your addresses so that I can write you when I have free time, I only have an hour to email, and it breaks my heart that I cant write each of you individually cause I love you all! I want you to know that if I had time I totally would. It's not you, it's me. But I am grateful for the rule to just write for an hour, cause otherwise I'd do it too long and there is work to be done. Know that I send my love though, and that I pray for you. I am able to print off my emails and read them, so if you want to email me, and I'll write you, that's cool too. :) It's confusing, I'm sorry

I hope you have all had a wonderful week! No matter the roller coasters, I hope all is well with you. Like so many people have kindly written to me this week, the road to God will never be downhill. The road to greatness and peace and happiness will always be up! 

Love you!!! Adios! :)

Hermana Hill
The "dork dot" of my first day, symbolizing that I am a newbie.

Mi compañera y yo.

Me with Elder Jim Andrus (tuba player from the U)

Giant map at the MTC main campus

Glasses Sunday

These are the elders from my district. They're hilarious! They keep us laughing and I learn lots from them. Elder Rawson (we call him Elder Raw-dog or Elder Raw-perro) reminds me a lot of Brendan. He's the tall one on the far right.

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  1. kaitlyn, glad to see everything is going so well. missionary work is I have no doubt really hard but probably really rewarding. I didn't go myself but hopefully I will later with my husband. right now I will just live vicariously through you :-) love reading your posts.