Thursday, August 14, 2014

How time doth swiftly fly!

Hola mi familia y amigos!!!

What a wonderful week it has been, I have no idea where to start- it's just all been so great. I'm learning so much, and my heart grows as I learn more about the Gospel. What a blessing it is to be here.

This week we got done teaching our first "investigator" (our teacher acted like one of the investigators he had on his mission so we could get practice teaching). A few weeks ago, I couldn't wait to get done teaching him because I was frustrated with my teaching and embarrassed by how it was going. But I was actually really sad to be done teaching him! I'm so excited for our "new investigator", but I have really grown to love Ángel.  I know we weren't teaching the real Angel, but I loved watching his testimony grow and watching him draw closer to Christ. We were SO ecstatic when he began reading the children's book of mormon (he had to leave school when he was really young to support his family) and when he agreed to go to church on our last lesson we couldn't contain our joy! We had been asking him to do those things since day one, and now he's doing it and wanting to do it too! Our teacher told us last night about the real Angel and we saw his picture. We've never met him but we all love him! I feel the same love for my other investigators now, and some too for every person that I meet (it's growing more and more). Imagine all that love, now multiply that number by infinity. that's how much our Heavenly Father loves us. Woah. I'm learning so much. I have so far to go! But I know that Christ and Heavenly Father will help me, and make up for all those things that I lack.  :) 

Oh and guess what everybody!!?!!?! I totally had my first dream in Spanish!!! Well, I don't remember it, but apparently I woke up my companion one night speaking spanish. She said she didn't catch what I was saying, and it was probably gibberish and random words, but I still feel like it's an accomplishment, okay....?

The Sister Missionaries all have Relief Society together here, and we got to be taught by Sherri Dew this past Sunday! that was stinking awesome. And on Sunday nights they have movies for us to watch (conference talks, devotionals and other church movies, but hey, they're stinking awesome! We LOVE watching those!) The one we watched this Sunday was called "The Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar. It was amazing. He talked about how the character, or moral instinct, of Christ was to continually look and focus outward, away from himself. Throughout his entire life, he not once focused on himself. The natural man in all of us is the opposite of that. We look inwards. Our lives are lived as if we were Cookie Monster (Elder Bednar's analogy, not mine- I wish I could claim it!). "We want cookie now!" He told us amazing stories of Christ and of other people in this world like Him that focus on others. They aren't offended. They love others. They serve and have true charity for those around them. It's a lifelong process, but I know that Christ atoned for us so that we can become like that one day. :) And if we work on it, He will help us. We find ourselves when we lose ourselves in the service of others. But you can't serve others because you want to find yourself. You've got to serve them because you have charity for them. This helps us see our own worth, and more importantly, helps us become closer to Him who heals us. Whatever you are going through, be still, and know that God will help you! Search for Him and serve Him! I know that your life will be blessed, and you'll begin to recognize the blessings and miracles that have always been there.

I love you all so much! I hope you are doing well!!! Thank you so much for your kind and fun emails and for being so awesome. 

Okay, I'll close (maybe) with a funny story. :) My sweet companion, Hermana Sprenz had to give a talk in sacrament meeting this week. None of us know when we are going to be called up to give a talk, so every week we write one on the topic that is suggested. It has to be all in spanish and be 5 minutes long. Freaky, right?! It's super good practice though, so thats alright :) ANYWAY- She was doing SO good, even though she was nervous. She made it to the end and began to bear her testimony. It went a little something like this: "Yo se que esta iglesia is verdadera. Yo se que Padre Celestial es el padre de nuestros almas. Yo se que Jesucristo es mi hijo..." That translates to: I know that this church is true. I know that Heavenly Father is the father of our souls, I know that Jesus Christ is my son. Her SON! We laughed pretty long about that one!! XD Poor thing was mortified. "I blasphemed!!! It wasn't just a silly mistake! It was blasphemy!!!!" Good ole Espanol, keeping us on our toes and helping us blaspheme. ;) I definitely said in one of my lessons that we can't return to God without the Atonement because our fish remove us from Him.... Those darn fish, getting in the way of our salvation... Pescados= fish Pecados=sins, can you blame me!? haha it's been a funny week. We now eat swedish fish and call them Pecados de Sweden (sins of sweden). Yep, that how we roll. 

Have a delightful week everyone! Love you! Hope you're not too mortified about the language skills that I told you about... The church is still true, even if we can't speak very well yet :)

God be with you!
Les amo mucho!!!

Hermana Hill

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