Monday, December 21, 2015

The parable of MORSILLO (December 14, 2015)

Buenas días mis queridos!!!

So, it´s come to this, eh? We´ve gotten to this moment, huh? I´m sorry that recently I haven’t been putting as much effort as I should into my letters. I think that I´ve been subconsciously avoiding the fact that I´m not going to be doing this for so much longer. Saying that time passes quickly doesn’t quite seem to sum it all up! But enough of that sappy stuff. I´ve got a TON to tell you for this week! It was wonderful and crazy and unexpected and lame and great and oh boy have I continued to learn or what?!

Lunes- we went to Sierra de los Padres, some hills just outside of Mar del Plata. It was beautiful! Nice to spend time in a town akin to Sundance (little, scenic, tons of artists). We also worked with the Hermanas from Balcarce who came to stay the night-

Martes- Zone Confernce!!! I learned a TON, and I´m SO excited for this mission. There are a lot of new plans and tools that i just know are going to help. We talked a lot about being our "own agents"- someone responsible who is concerned and occupied with his own progression. But more than that, if we want to really progress, we must be selfless and serve others, and set goals that require effort to fulfill. We’ve learned a lot about how to set meaningful goals, the importance of charity and how to develop it.

*this is where it gets interesting so listen up.

Due to this and that, things that come up, sickness, etc., in the past we hadn’t been able to dedicate a lot of good, solid time to street working. So, after our conference, as we asked ourselves "what would make tomorrow a great day?" I responded-

"If we could have a day that at least kinda follows our plans, where we can work hard all day".

Miercoles, The following occurred:

· we had to take out money to pay rent, and the line was eternal

· crazy stalker lady called and asked us to straighten her hair (we´re safe, just weirded out a little)

· we started getting sick.

· we showed up to choir too early and missed out on some plans

But I learned to appreciate the unexpected miracles of missionary work, some of which were directly tied to the crazy things that happened. (The following happened throughout the rest of the week):

· As we waited in line for the ATM (30 minutes at least) we talked to like 5 people and we were able to share a lot. The whole line listened as a member of the church popped out of what seemed to be nowhere and bore testimony of her conversation. (WHAT THE AWESOME!?!?!)

· The elders gave us a blessing so we´d heal fast, and the members take good care of us.

· We found super prepared people while on divisions and we get to teach them soon!

· When we got to choir too early, there was a non-member waiting for the practice too. She was super nice and it was fun to get to know her! We got to show the church to about 6 other non-members that came to choir practice.

· Sunday after church, we had lunch with a wonderful family! They fed us morsillo. Yes, you heard me, blood sausage!!! :D my first time. I had only heard horror stories about it. Lucky for us, this family is the bomb and it was actually pretty delicious. (I just couldn’t look at it or think too much haha). So of all the horrible things that could have happened, we got the good kind! I kinda think it´s a parable for this week. Something not so great happens, but it turns out lovely.

· Our dear familia Sasso continues to be the they’re totally progressing!

And as if all that weren´t enough, we have the grand overall learning experience of the week, the way i grew closer to my Savior. So, Hindsight is 20x20, or at least close to that. And sometimes it´s hard to forgive one´s self. Many a time in these past few weeks I´ve been impressed by my many inabilities. But luckily, everything in the mission teaches us of Jesus Christ. I remember the lessons that I´ve learned, and i feel the love of our Savior. I remember that, hey- forgiveness means forgiveness! I remember that I´m giving it all I’ve got. My level of awesome today is not the same as it was yesterday. Long story short- We´re imperfect beings. Repentance is a process that for most, takes years. But Christ gave up on no one! In Gethsemane, he didn´t stop halfway and say: "No, not that guy. He´s gonna mess up the same way over and over all his life. It´s not worth it, paying for all his sins." Instead, he took them on, moment for moment. Life and repentance is hard, but we must learn to ACCEPT the atonement in our lives.

Service really makes the difference in everything, and I´m grateful that I was able to see the miracles. This week, I thought that I was stinking it up- BUT LOOK AT ALL THE AMAZING THINGS THAT HAPPENED!!! Come what may, I know that if I’m striving to be humble and clean and do my best, the Lord will turn my little ability into a grand work. We could always do better, but we are on this earth to learn and grow and to have JOY, not to be miserable.

I could go on for days ya´ll... I´ll tell you the other stories over lunch sometime, deal? Good. Read the scriptures, ancient and modern (gotta love CONFERENCE!!!!) Remember who you are!!!


Hermana Hill

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