Monday, October 6, 2014

Conferenci​a y Rodrigo- the best of the best!

Oh what a wonderful week!!!!

I can´t even begin to express how much this week has meant to me. I've learned so much and really, miracles are real. Okay, I don´t have much time, so before I forget- Dad: I´m in the same area, Villa Mitre 2, which is an area just outside of the big city Bahía Blanca. Also mom: winter is back, but I am definitely warm enough, and I´m grateful for my sleeping bag that helps me tons.

And now for the fun part of writing: telling you about the amazing week!

This week was the baptism of our dear Rodrigo! We prayed so much that the downpour of rain would stop long enough that people could come to listen to conference on Sunday. And it did! We woke up and the sun was shining, as soon as the afternoon session stopped and everyone was in their houses, the sky opened and poured again. As a result, there were a lot of people at the stake center to listen to conference and consequently, there were a lot of people for the baptism of Rodrigo!!! Rodrigo is the bomb. He said hello to literally every one of the hundreds of people at the stake center. And they all love him! He shared his testimony after his baptism and it was wonderful! We took a ton of pictures, and all the members had cookies and brownies (brownies from us misioneras) and mate and cake. We are all so happy to have gotten to be there with him and watch him make his sacred covenant. There was a lot of adversity against him before this, his family and him got sick, the rain, the baptismal font wasn't completely filled and the water was cold, his mom doesn't have a phone right now, and he lives far away, and well, a lot more. But we worked HARD so that everything could work out. We didn't give up. We called members to give people rides, give talks etc. We ran all over our area to get him there. But really, it wasn't us that made it work out. Here's something that I know- because we put in all of our effort and had faith that it would work, it did. Heavenly Father helped us find ways to get it to work that we never would have thought of before. He softened the hearts of many people to help us, to help Rodrigo. If any of you are in need of a miracle right now, work with all of your might for it. Don´t give up. Fast, pray, study. Don´t have fear. Heavenly Father loves you SO much and is waiting and wanting to bless you!

I hope you all could watch conference!!! I loved it! I didn't understand all of it cause it was in Spanish, but I loved it nonetheless and learned a ton! I know that Heavenly Father helped me to understand what I did, cause I don´t know how much I would have gotten without His help!!! Read and pray about the words that were spoken in conference, I know with all my heart that they´re true!

Sorry that I didn't have time to write more this week, maybe if I have time next week I can write you more about this one ;) love you all!!! Stay true to the faith! May God bless you and keep you!

Con Mucho amor,
Hermana Hill :)

¡Ciao ciao!
Cleaning out our nasty back yard last p day.  It was a lost cause, but a worthy one.  We really need a new house...

With Hermana Sprenze and Hermana Foster - doing paperwork to be legal in Argentina!

Rodrigo & Hermana Saunders

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